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Author Topic: Forum Rules    (Read 11908 times)
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« on: 20-08-2007, 03:47:41 PM »

We will apply warnings/bans according to the following forum rules:

1) Be civil to other forum users. Don't engage in name calling, flame wars, or other malcontent behavior.

2) Stay on-topic in threads. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Also, try to avoid posting one-line posts - if your entire post amounts to one sentence, it's probably not worth posting.

3) If there's already a current thread on a certain deck or topic, don't start a new thread on the same topic. Do not post requests for decklists. In both cases, use the search option to find relevant threads. Please do not necro dead threads (make a post on inactive threads that are old).

4) Make an attempt to write properly. Using "U" instead of "you" makes your post hard to read, and causes others to skip what you have to say. Put effort into your spelling, grammar and punctuation - if you don't put any effort into your post, chances are nobody will put any effort into reading it.

5) Do not post links to pornography or other blatantly questionable content. This includes your sig and your avatar.

6) Advertising of any kind is prohibited, with the exception of posting tournament announcements in the appropriate tournament announcement forum.

7) If you see a post which violates the rules, please click the report button, and a moderator will quickly deal with that post. Please do not add a post to that thread about the violation, as we’ve found that those types of posts tend to take a thread completely off-topic.

8) Problems related to the use of stone-age browsers like Internet Explorer below version 7 or the like will be ignored. We strongly suggest you try Firefox or Opera or Safari instead, all free and far superior products.
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