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Author Topic: Highlander players aren't the worse Magic players    (Read 4054 times)
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« on: 15-10-2012, 09:29:33 PM »

...Limited PTQ yesterday...situation after 5 rounds, 143 players

Table 1: 5:0 Dan Florea aka Blasty, HL-Player from Karlsruhe (6-0-2 in the end, Top 8 )
Table 2: 5:0 Timo Eifler aka Syras, HL-Player from Karlsruhe (6-1-1 in the end, Top 8 )
Table 3: 5:0 Jochen Korbel aka goblinpiledriver,... (6-2 final record)
Table 4: 4:1 Gerry Stahl aka Vazdru, one loss vs Syras ..again... Roll Eyes (6-2 final record)


another HL-player from Karlsruhe (Thomas Radosz, 6-1-1) made Top 8 too

sad thing noone of us got the slot  Undecided
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