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Author Topic: Online Highlander Tournament, September 23, 2007    (Read 7665 times)
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« on: 24-09-2007, 01:29:51 AM »

  21 participants, 19 from Germany, 1 from Austria and 1 lonewolf from Finland too! That's me!
I'm prepared to spend the rest of day playing good HL games with snacks, snacks and more snacks ;D

So lets go, first game i was facing something i believe you call "stax" deck and..
After 30mins of playing i get msg that re-pairings have been given, oh well.
Dunno what's going on but onto the next game then >:)

Don't remember much of it, BGR aggro, kicked my ass in the first round.
Second game i got turn 2-3(?) Oath out and he couldn't answer it..
g3 was a tight match with me delivering the wrath of god. Having Dromar's Charm,
Enduring Ideal and Gilded Lotus in hand (4lands) things looked good...
His next turn Mesmeric Fiend ate my charm and i couldn't draw a land for
Lotus+Ideal go during the next 3 turns, GG

For my disappointment, my next opponent didn't show up and I had to kill time by watching
the latest pokemon.. Not, fortunately Sturmgott offered to play a game while waiting,
so I didn't die of boredom. Grr! I'm so hungry for victory after this, next opponent, beware!

Now I was facing UWB contrl. Don't remember round 1 at all, but guess I did something
allmighty and powerful cuz i won it :P. 2nd game was really nice, the game started to proceed
when he casted Bribery on me, with obvious pick of Akroma and while trying to punish me with
her, I Crop Rotated Karakas to get the Angry, Game Winning Angel for my side again.
He got Pirstine Angel to punish me instead, while I was waiting for sources to cast Akroma.
Finally I got her out, with the help of Lotus. For awhile they traded blows while we both
gained some life. Then I got Take Possession for his Shizo, with a grin of victory, fading
away right at the next turn, when he Topped Mortify. (He did have some Divine help with topdecking)
Fortunately for me, he was down to 6 life already and i was able to
accompany my Akroma with Treetop Village against his lonely angel,
taking him down to 1 life(0 handcards) + casting Yosei on the same turn >:)
He needed a miracle and that's what he got. Transmuting Tolarian West next turn for
Maze of Ith (he had wasteland on the table), then Topping Demonic Tutor for SoP.
Lucky me, I had Rishadan Port along the other lands and he had to Waste it instead of Village,
to profit his newly gained Maze. He was too hasty and made a critical mistake by Swording immediately
my Akroma-> I just bounced her with Karakas, re-casted and attacked with the whole gang ftw.
Sorry! This game is mine ;)

I'm starting the next game all happy and smiley while listening to Saga - Wind him Up<3
Opponent is playing UGW Survival I assume, never saw the Survival though..
Early Stick with Mana Leak is interrupting his game quite a lot and helping me to get out Ideal.
Seeing that he is low on handcards too, I search up Zur's Weirding for starters.
He has bounce and Regrowth in his hand + few beaters and Mishra's Factory.
I'm at high hp's with Monastery, Factory, and Port + Ideal running, the game is mine...
I set the stage up with Sterling Grove and Priviledged Position to cover my upcoming
winconditions and he concedes. Yay ! Can't remember the 2nd game, except that, I got
Oath running and Gaea's Blessing bringing back my Winners after they died.

3-1 - I can already see the glorious price slot :P

Next opponent plays UW Aggro list from Sturmgott and I'm afraid this is a bad matchup for me.
My intuition proves me right, after losing somewhat tight game to a Thundering Manowar
Hammering my Akroma by the Glorious and Mighty powers of Odin into a Bloody heap.
Time for revenge!!
I got Kor Haven and Factory for protection and Pulse of the Fields keeping me alive.
Akroma and Debtor's Knell just waiting for opportunity, until it comes when Lotus hits the table
after DeeDing it clear.
1-1 and I'm afraid we don't have enough time to play, because my opponent was playing like a slug.
Well, my worries were carried away as the g3 proceeds smoothly, with me getting kicked in the ass
and losing within the time limit :-) Bye Bye prices.

3-2 got me 5th place in the tournee and I'm just happy for playing some nice Highlander.

Gratz for the winners and thanks for this great tourney, hope to see more of these ;)
Special thanks to Sturmgott for helping me to participate the tournament and managing it!

That's all folks!

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« Reply #1 on: 24-09-2007, 07:25:41 PM »

nice work, will there be a list of the decks or something like that?

unfortunately i couldnt play, but i´ll be playing the HL league Cheesy
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« Reply #2 on: 25-09-2007, 02:32:25 AM »

I'll be posting sushi's deck list (and all others) tomorrow. Too tired for that right now *tired*

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« Reply #3 on: 25-09-2007, 02:53:42 AM »

nice work, will there be a list of the decks or something like that?

unfortunately i couldnt play, but i´ll be playing the HL league Cheesy

HL league?? What's that, sounds interesting Shocked
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« Reply #4 on: 25-09-2007, 07:36:22 AM »

Nice tourney indeed. I'm looking forward to see more of them.

All infos to the small MWS Highlander League Mythrandir mentioned you'll find here:

A few days to go to bring in your own ideas. The league starts next monday.
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« Reply #5 on: 25-09-2007, 10:50:06 PM »

Nice work!
I think the next time I will make some mor screenshots and I will copy the chat text to make a report, too.
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