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Author Topic: 1. Highlander Tournament in Würzburg    (Read 2763 times)
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« on: 21-09-2010, 10:00:14 PM »

We finished our first HL tournament in würzburg with success. We had 20 participant, I think for the fist time this is quite an acceptable number. The winner was the well-known league member goblinpiledriver with his 5C-Alara-aggro deck, so he could get the mana drain home. We played 5 rounds swiss and here are the results.

1. Jochen Korbel 5C-Alara-aggro
2. Peter Gehring Naya
3. Andreas Keupp UW-Fish
4. Florian Hering Bant with Natural Order
5. Arno Makowha RG-Aggro
6. Adrijan Wisen Hightide with Mind over Matter
7. Timo Dinger White Wheenie
8. Maximilian Stief Reanimator
9. Christian Schmidt UWR-Control
10. Christof Stührmann RDW
11. Frank Mann Reanimator
12. Fabian Breitenbücher Rock
13. Stefan Stührmann Staxx
14. Axel Heid RWG-Midrange
15. Pinkl Tobias UGW-Control
16. Enrico Eckstorf UG-Control
17. Claus Wiedenroth UW-Control
18. Felix Naß GWB-Aggro
19. Fritz Stührmann Mono-R Goblins
20. Andy Heid UWB Big Things

So as you see the machup was quite mixed. The tournament war really nice thanks to all guys who where able to attend especially the ones with long distance to arrive (Jochen and Maxi).

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