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Author Topic: HLC Tournament Iserlohn    (Read 3451 times)
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« on: 15-06-2009, 11:13:26 AM »

32 participants, six rounds, alot of Aggro, some Stax, few control decks.

Rd 1 vs Dark Bant 2:1
Rd 2 vs Naya 2:0
Rd 3 vs Stax-Oath 2:1
Rd 4 vs UWb Control 1:0:1
Rd 5 vs 4c Control (UWBR)
Rd 6 vs RDW 0:2

Enough for a  4:2 and a very good 4th place. I won a Foil Figure of Destiny. I played Hot Bant (and will immediately replace Gemstone Mine by another land).

The winner was Patrick Richter with his 5c Basic Ramp Survival Non-Basic-Hate-deck.

Seond place was Sascha, I also lost vs. his UWb Control. Third place RDW Goblins, 4th me (best Opponent Score of all those with 12 points).

Prizes: Bazaar of Badhdad, Library of Alexandria, German blackbordered Plateau, Foil Figure of Destiny, Foil textless Wrath of God, Place 6-9 smaller gems.

Really good prize support!

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« Reply #1 on: 15-06-2009, 06:52:29 PM »

Indeed, the prizes were very, very good!

And once again. 5c with survival winning.
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