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Author Topic: HL Auenland Dortmund    (Read 2811 times)
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« on: 04-06-2009, 01:55:39 PM »

So as I said, here are the facts from the Tournament at Auenland. (as far as I can remember them)

We were just 6 players but decided to play four rounds, which should be enough for a nice morning of HL.

I played a U/R Skie Deck with an usual Decklist. And was first paired against a RDW built.


But luckily I was able to win the roll and played Flying Men, Grafted Wargear and a lot of Counterspells which saved the first match. In the second match he was faster than me, starting with goblin Lakey followed by a Pledriver, who simply beat me up. Third match I started with The Rack, which stole him  ~10 life as I had enough bounce for his permanents.


Second Game I played against some R/G Beatz I think, as he had an unlucky draw in both matches and I didn't get to see much of the deck. First a horde of Fearies killed him and in the second game PoP for 6 finished the match.


G/W/B Midrange
In the first game I was screwed on two lands and he had a Vindicate for one of them. Nice move. Second game I resolved a Blood Moon against his non non-basic board which screwed him completly and Serendib Efreet went all the way for me. It felt a little bit like the first game with position changed. Unfourtunaly I had to mulligan down to 5 in the last game, got a quiet aggressive hand but didn't draw solutions for his two big guys(Loxodon Hierach and something else) in round 4 and five.


U/W Control

I had a good start playing Mishra's Factory --> AEther Vial, Island --> Standstill. Which bought me three extra cards and I was able to counter his threads and AEther Vialed Kira and Frenetic Efreet for the win. In the second match I started aggressive with Mogg Fanatic first and Cloud of fearies + Looter il Kor on second turn. He was able to stop my offensive with Serra Avenger but a Ligthning Bolt with counter back up solved this problem.


This was the second place, which got me a FNM Mindstone. Winner got a foil Vampiric tutor and the rest got some other foil cards which I don't remember exactly. I was a bit disappointed as the organizer wrote to put alle the starting money (7,50 €) into the prizepool and hoped to go +-0 with the second place at least. However the organisation was okay. But as every tournament it has to compete with the monthly magic tournament in the Catacombs of Essen. I wasn't that satisfied with it.
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