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Author Topic: Thoule Team Highlander rules - 4 Players    (Read 4164 times)
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« on: 26-10-2017, 08:53:09 PM »

Thoule Team Highlander rules - for 4 Players

Comment: Originated in Thoule Gaming Club in Karlsruhe, Germany, 1993, this format is played since then. It is slow compared to others and not very competitive, but adds extra fun to players searching complexity in gameplay and communication. We do not play it in stores, but in the club and at private tables. Cook for your friends at home and exchange the decks between each other to get into the feeling of this slow format.

While there is a banlist, you can use the rules even for other cardpools. We used the rules for Crapdraft (drafting with randomly selected „worthless“ cards) and it still works.
The outstanding rule is playing permanents to teampartners. No other format allows this. (Yes, in emperor it is possible to move creatures)

Rules: Deck of minimum 100 different cards (except Basic Lands), Banlist
30 individual life per teampartner, individual battlefield and turns, Commander mulligan rule
In original Thoule Rules, private communication including codes is forbidden, all communication is open to opposing team. Showing a card or morph to teampartner means: Show it to all players!
Dieroll winning team defines starting team. Then starting team selects one member  as starting player. Other team selects a member going second. Then second player of starting team, then the last player. This sequence of 4 players is kept for playing turns and priority
Important rule changes compared to other multiplayer formats:

1.   Playing permanents to partner: While playing a land or casting a spell that will become a permanent (Creature, Artifact, Enchantment, Planeswalker) you may select your teampartner becoming the controller of the permanent (but not of the spell). Only for permanent spells and lands, not for instants, sorceries and effects.

2.   Prolonged summoning sickness for creatures played from your teampartner: It expires the second turn they start under your control

3.   Attack two opponents: For each creature attacking, attacking player selects defending player. Each attacked player may block with creatures under own control only

4.   Extra untap for creatures that attacked: Creatures that tapped as cost for attacking will untap in untap phase of the teampartner. Treat teampartners untap phase as your own, but only for the permanents that were tapped by attacking with them as creatures. This remains when teampartner has lost the game. Use untap phase of second opponent in sequence then instead.
A losing player (not more than 0 life or drawing from empty library or effect stating loses the game) exiles his hand, library, controlled permanents and graveyard. Permanents owned but not controlled stay on the battlefield. They will be exiled as soon as they leave the battlefield. Permanents controlled but not owned are exiled in owners Exile zone
A card stating a player wins the game means both opponents lose the game
A card stating a player cannot lose means he will continue to play regardless of life total. Impossible draws and statements „loses the game“ are skipped
Game ends, when both players in one team have lost - except a card still in play states a remaining player cannot win (means this game goes on even with no opponents - try to get rid of the demon Smiley
A game where all players have lost is a draw

Einladung zu den Karlsruher Spieletagen in Deutsch:

Magic the Gathering

Herzlich willkommen zur Turniereinladung von 2017!
Anmeldung: Sonntag, 19.11.2017, 9:00
Start 10:00

Magic auf den Karlsruher Spieletagen - wie immer ein Höhepunkt des Jahres.

Ein Turnier für alle – Addict bis Anfänger.
Diesmal veranstaltet von Stefan Puchta

Die Anmeldung erfolgt für Einzelpersonen! Pro Runde werden neue Gegner und Partner gemäss Schweizer System zugeordnet – wie bereits seit 2015
Gespielt wird mit eigenem Deck gemäss Bannliste – für kurzentschlossene stehen Decks zu leihen bereit.
Charakter der Veranstaltung:

Spass soll im Vordergrund stehen.
Spannung und Überraschung sollen eine Chance haben!

Bitte befolgt die Regeln, seid fair gegenüber den anderen Spielern und seht den eigenen Erfolg parallel zum Gelingen einer angenehmen Atmosphäre.
Aussteigen bitte nur am Ende einer Runde - ihr seid an jedem Tisch zu viert und es
ist frustrierend, seine Zeit in eine abgebrochene Runde investiert zu haben.

Kosten und zu gewinnende Preise:
Kein finanzieller Beitrag ausser dem Eintritt für die Spieletage!
Die zu gewinnenenden Preise richten sich nach diesen Kosten: Keine Moneycards - eigene Karten bis zum zweistelligen Euro-Bereich.

Auf einen spannenden und spassigen Event!



Far below the earth
Where the demons hunt the souls of those that sleep
In the city of the Vazdru and the Drin
Where the black flame burns inside the palace fountain.
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« Reply #1 on: 09-05-2020, 12:18:32 PM »

I think you should delete the sentence "Companions require a sideboard". It's simply wrong information. Companions are explicitely not needing a sideboard according to WoC. It's Ok that you explicitely ban companions, even though I think it's just stupid to put something directely on the banlist and not on the watchlist. It forces player to move as they had to like when Planeswalkers were introduced.

I especially sticked to this format, because it was barely restricting anything and I strongly believe it being unhealthy blocking new mechanics in advance, even when they seem bad for a format. In my opinion companion (exception Lutri) are not a problem due to theire restrictions. And in addition they are a one time apperearance per game and are quite different from a commander.

I think it's only fear and lazyness driven to ban companions completely.

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« Reply #2 on: 12-05-2020, 11:09:28 AM »

Companions are explicitely not needing a sideboard according to WoC.

You got a source for that?
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