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Author Topic: Metagame Masters 14, Berlin (43 players)    (Read 8266 times)
Dr. Opossum
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« on: 17-02-2019, 02:42:18 PM »

Decklists Top 8:

Rank 1: Max H., Grixis Tempo

Rank 2: Paul T., 5C Artifact Combo

Rank 3: Justus H., 4C Tempo (w/o G)

Rank 4: Jacob W., RDW

Rank 5: Hendrik S., Gbw Ramp

Rank 6: Tom F., 4C Blood (w/o U)

Rank 7: Daniel T., Jeskai Midrange

Rank 8: Karl Florian P., UW Midrange

Top 8:


Max (Grixis Tempo) vs. Karl Florian (UW Control)
Tom (4C Blood) vs. Justus (4c Tempo)
Paul (5C Artifact Combo) vs. Daniel (Jeskai Midrange)
Jacob (RDW) vs. Hendrik (Gwb Ramp)


Max (Grixis Tempo) vs. Justus (4c Tempo)
Paul (5C Artifact Combo) vs. Jacob (RDW)

Max (Grixis Tempo) vs. Paul (5C Artifact Combo)

Winner: Max (Grixis Tempo)

Final Standings:

Meta Breakdown:

Additional lists:

Rank 9: Tobias T., 5C Artifact Combo

Rank 10: Dominik B., Grixis Midrange

Rank 11: Luca D., Izzet Tempo

Rank 24: Dion S., Medium Red

Video Coverage of the final match will follow. If you are interested in a specific list, leave me a comment.
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« Reply #1 on: 18-02-2019, 01:22:37 PM »

UW Midrange with Sideboard?
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