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Author Topic: Metagame Masters 12, Berlin (39 players)    (Read 3503 times)
Dr. Opossum
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« on: 15-07-2018, 01:52:25 PM »

Metagame Masters #12

Decklists Top 8:

Rank 1: Malte Z., RDW

Rank 2: Tobias W., 4C Scapeshift

Rank 3: Jonny A., UWbr Control

Rank 4: Jan D., 5C Midrange

Rank 5: Florian B., Jeskai Midrange

Rank 6: Dion S., Ub Aggro Control

Rank 7: Luca D., Esper Midrange

Rank 8: Tom F., UWb Control

Final Standings (after Top 8 ):

Top 8:


Dion (Ub Wizards) vs Tobias (Scapeshift)
Jonny (UW Control) vs Tom (UWb Control)
Luca (Esper Midrange) vs Malte (RDW)
Jan (5C Midrange) vs Florian (Jeskai Midrange)


Jonny (UW Control) vs Malte (RDW)
Tobias (Scapeshift) vs Jan (5C Midrange)


Malte (RDW) vs Tobias (Scapeshift)

Winner: Malte (RDW)

Meta Breakdown:

Judge Picture:

(No, it's not a painting. Yes, it's a photo. No, I don't take commissions.)

Additional Decklists:

Rank 9: Max H., Grixis Aggro Control

Rank 11: Paul T., 5C Artifact Combo

Rank 12: Daniel T., Big Red

Rank 13: J├╝rgen F., Izzet Control

Rank 21: Karl-Florian P., Mono G Ramp

Rank 23: Marc B., Grixis Midrange

Rank 26: Karl D., 5C Artifact Combo

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« Reply #1 on: 15-07-2018, 02:21:10 PM »

Thanks for sharing the decklists and stats so fast Smiley *thumbs up*

Formerly known as With-FuLL-Force.
Dr. Opossum
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« Reply #2 on: 16-07-2018, 08:29:11 PM »

Updated main post: Added additional lists people asked for
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