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Author Topic: Ladder Tournament 2017 - Reports    (Read 830 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 15-02-2018, 10:56:48 PM »

Firestarter - Tazi 3-2

Game 1:
Game 1 started with some lands on both sides after a mulligan 6 from me. I coult Drain his Treasure Cruise and play a Thundermaw Hellkite. At 7 life he played FTK and Lightning Bolt. I drew too much land and lost against a slow beatdown.

Game 2:
Game 2 started with a mulligan 6 from Tazi and a Sylvan Library in turn 3, which got him back into the game, I had a massive Counterwall with misdirection. After a counterbattle I could bring him down with my beatdown. His Treasure Cruise was canceled from my Clique.

Game 3:
In game 3 I had a hand with one Land but Ancestral Vision and another Wasteland which took his only land. After some draws I had a big counterwall and Price of Progress for 10 and my Torrential Gearhulk killed him with second Price.

Game 4
Tazi had his best hand and I could not stop him, controlling the game. He finished me with Scapeshift countering my Price of Progress in response to his trigger.

Game 5
I stopped playing lands at 4 lands, but could counter some Threats. His Tasigur knocked at my door, I could rerace him with Price of Progress and Snapcaster Mage (without spell). My end of turn Lightning Bolt killed him at three life.

Every game was a close one, thanks for the games!
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