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Author Topic: Metagame Masters Berlin Highlander Vol.4 (45 Players)    (Read 8010 times)
Dr. Opossum
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« on: 08-11-2015, 01:04:12 PM »

Metagame Masters 4

General information:
Place: Berlin
Store: Der andere Spieleladen
Date: Saturday, 7.11.2015

Tournament details:
Number of registered players: 45
Number of rounds: 6 with Top 8 afterwards
Tournament start: 11:15
Begin of first round: 11:30
Begin of first Top 8 round: 18:55

The decklists of the Top 8 Players can be found at MTGPulse at:
Dr. Opossum
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« Reply #1 on: 08-11-2015, 03:30:07 PM »

Rank after Swiss   Rank      Name   Common Name   Colorcode   Archetype   
3   1   Dion Sabel   Mono U Aggro-control   U   Aggro-Control   
5   2   Thomas Stier   4C Blood   4C (w/o U)   Midrange   
1   3   Steffen Gottschalk   RDW   R   Aggro   
2   4   Carsten Kötter   TPS   5C   Combo   
4   5   Fabian Mielke   Jeskai Control   UWR   Control   
6   6   Cedric Zohren   Sultai Midrange   BUG   Midrange   
7   7   Alexander Franz   Grixis Reanimator   UBR   Combo   
8   8   Stefan Schumacher   4C Scapeshift   4C (w/o W)   Combo   
   9   Guiseppe Iacono   Hightide   Ub   Combo   
   10   Stefan Praße   Dark Bant   4C (w/o R)   Midrange   
   11   Luca Doernbach   Grixis Midrange   UBR   Midrange   
   12   Oliver Lange   Izzet Aggro-Control   UR   Aggro-Control   
   13   Antje Volk   White Weenie   W   Aggro   
   14   Gerrit Heilmann   Jeskai Control   UWR   Control   
   15   Marco Breit   Izzet Control   UR   Control   
   16   Jan Dethloff   5C Midrange   5C   Midrange   
   17   Thomas Latsch   Grixis Midrange   UBR   Midrange   
   18   Malte Ziemes   Jund   GBR   Midrange   
   19   Stefan Stührmann   Sultai Oath   BUG   Combo-Control   
   20   Jonny Al-Saidi   Abzan Pattern Combo   GWB   Aggro-Combo   
   21   Marcel Schneider   Esper Control   UWB   Control   
   22   Niclas Ehrich   Mono B Suicide   B   Aggro   
   23   Florian Kurpicz   5C Midrange   5C   Midrange   
   24   Paul Templin   4C Artifact Combo   4C (w/o R)   Combo-Control   
   25   Sven Stenschke   UB Reanimator   UB   Combo   
   26   Jörn Franke   Dark Bant   4C (w/o R)   Midrange   
   27   Tino Wagner   4C Blood   4C (w/o U)   Midrange   
   28   Johannes Neumann   UW Aggro-Control   UW   Aggro-Control   
   29   Alexander Klein   Temur Scapeshift   RUG   Aggro-Combo   
   30   Achim Günzel   4C Blood   4C (w/o U)   Midrange   
   31   Martin Dieter Rudorf   Sultai Control   BUG   Control   
   32   Anton Voigt   Grixis Control   UBR   Control   
   33   Jakob Walter   4C Midrange   4C (w/o B)   Midrange   
   34   Jens Paetz   Junk   GWB   Midrange   
   35   Dominik Abel   Maverick   GW   Midrange   
   36   Michael Heiduk   Jeskai Aggro-Control   UWR   Aggro-Control   
   37   Luc Heusinger   RG Beatz   RG   Midrange   
   38   Sebastian Rilke   4C Oath   4C (w/o R)   Combo-Control   
   39   Robert Zemke   4C Blood   4C (w/o U)   Midrange   
   40   Michael Hartmann   Jeskai Control   UWR   Control   
   41   Tobias Tschakert   4C Control   4C (w/o G)   Control   
   42   Felix Kurpicz   Junk   GWB   Midrange   
   43   Hendrik Schlichting   Bant   UWG   Midrange   
   44   Holger Thevos   UW Aggro-Control   UW   Aggro-Control   
   45Ronald Lehmann5C Midrange5CMidrange   
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« Reply #2 on: 09-11-2015, 12:10:13 AM »

A really well organized tournament from my point of view. It was the second MGM I attended and had an overall good day playing Esper Control (3-3).

Short report:

Round 1 vs. Sven playing Reanimator

In game one he didn't find a reasonable number of reanimation spells and the few he got I was able to counter. In the meantime, Lingering Souls tokens and finally Vendilion Clique + Restoration Angel to dodge his recurring Darkblast dropped him to zero life points.

In game two a T3 EoT Intuition made me think a lot. He showed a big number of basic lands so far and I put him on a pure U/B version so I expected Back to Bascis. On the other hand, I usually don't want Reanimator to resolve an Intuition. So I decide to counter the Intuition and on his turn Back to Basic seales the game for him. It didn't matter however since he had Misdirection as a backup so Back to Basics would have hit the table in anyways.

Game three took long and went back and forth, but he finally resolved a reanimation spell to Griselbrand which connects into GG.

Round 2 vs. Niclas playing Mono Black Aggro / Suicide

In game one I have an early Humility + Jace, Architect of Thought combo. His Sword of Fire and ice came too late to have any impact.

Game two was very close and probably the most fun of this MGM for me. He really knew his deck and made big plays via Lake of the Dead. A final alpha strike for 12 with some eot flash creatures + my manlands killed him in one big swing after he lost a lot of life to his own cards, went out of gas and had no more lands except for Lake of the dead. Kudos to Niclas for bringing this deck, I like it a lot.

Round 3 vs. Giuseppe playing High Tide

There is nothing much to say. I am too slow to pressure him seriously (my T2 eot Snapcaster without target gets Spell Snared and Restoration Angel bounced back to my hand 3 or 4 times until he has enough Islands to go off) and 1-2 counterspells in each game are nothing that concerns him in any way. Two easy free wins for him.

Round 4 vs. Felix playing BGw Rock

Driving more than 500 km to play against a mate from the same care - meh. Whatever. Game one he didn't really get going and new Gideon (Ally of Zendikar) wins almost on his own after I protect him with a Counterspell.

Game two showed how a well timed Wasteland screws over an entire game for the opponent. Combined with an aggressive start, this game was over very soon.

Game three I took mulligan to five: 4 lands + Sensei's Divining top. His start was not so explosive again so I crawled back slowly with a few X:1 trades. Then the momentum almost shifted over to him since the game took very long already. He got Life from the Loam enginge going but a horde of Elspeth, Sun's Champion tokens + a timely Vendilion Clique overhelmed him.

Round 5 vs. Jonny playinger Pattern Rector

I have almost never played vs this deck neither a good player bringing it. Jonny on the other hans probably mastered it and that showed in two somewhat quick games.

Game one he gets to combo the turn right before he dies since he can pay exactly two more mana (I only had miscalculation) for the win bringing Diabolic Tutor.

Game two I don't really know how to react since he attacks from multiple angles: he has several sac outlets, Evolutionary Leap in play and a ton of creatures to threaten a win via beatdown also. I didn't find a sweeper, but I Condescend what I assume to be an important spell. He follows up with Natural Order into Hulk and combos. Well played.

Round 6 Jens playing GB Rock (with a lot of land destruction)

In game one I can lessen the pressure with pinpoint removal and - most importantly - Spell Pierce his Hymn to Tourach. He gets slowly overhelmed so he surrenders.

Game two his deck does what it is supposed to: Wasteland, Sinkhole, I'm stuck on three lands and he plays Life from the Loam to get Wasteland back. Pretty fast game.

Game three takes ages. He keeps me short on mana but can not establish a serious clock at that time. He is also left on two lands after I remove two or three mana elves. I slowly pick at his life until it drops to zero.

In the end, the weekend was well worth the money spent for traveling + hostel and if the opportunity arises, I'll gladly participate next time again.

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« Reply #3 on: 21-11-2015, 11:46:38 PM »

Great info guys, via statistics of all decks played and top8 decklist online. Good Job.

"Round 5 vs. Jonny playinger Pattern Rector

I have almost never played vs this deck neither a good player bringing it. Jonny on the other hans probably mastered it and that showed in two somewhat quick games. "

Is it possible from Jonny to post(send/upload, whatever) his version of Pattern Rector deck ?? Would be great , thanks a lot in forward Smiley
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« Reply #4 on: 22-11-2015, 02:40:53 AM »

you can find my list here.

Dr.Op uploaded it. I ve tried a land package in this version since I wanted to have some free wins with the titan via NO and also get 1-2 tools against graveyard decks (via crop rotation, kotr, titan for bojuka bog)was kind of a meta game call. The colorless mana hurts though, A LOT. So I would not recommend going this route and be more consistent with the own plan. I was trying Dark petition instead of sidisi (which I really like in this deck) because I ve expected a lot of goodstuff midrange decks and wanted to enable some neat Living death applications. I recommend playing Sidisi over Dark petition though. Finding room for Oblivion Ring (having a toolbox with Enlight. Tutor + Academy Rector is very important) and reccuring nightmare is also necessary, I guess one could cut mastery of the unseen which is a pet card of mine. Also having so many high drops (whisperwood, titan, sidisi/dark pet.) is sometimes very clunky. I feel like there is a good 4/5c version out there with red for Gargadon, Recruiter, Bombardment, Faithless Looting and blue for library manipulation, Bring to light + body double/intuition. Its kind of a meta game call since you weaken the deck with this approach against usually good matchups (RDW, UR) but its worth a try.
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« Reply #5 on: 27-11-2015, 05:45:32 PM »


English version:
German one:

Far below the earth
Where the demons hunt the souls of those that sleep
In the city of the Vazdru and the Drin
Where the black flame burns inside the palace fountain.
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« Reply #6 on: 28-11-2015, 03:32:17 PM »

Good stuff, I especially like that the cards in hand are displayed on the bottom of the Video. Tank you!
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