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Author Topic: Metagame Masters II Tournament Thread (47 players)    (Read 3082 times)
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« on: 12-04-2015, 04:49:04 PM »

Metagame Masters 2

General information:
Place: Berlin
Store: Der andere Spieleladen
Date: Saturday, 11.4.2015

Tournament details:
Number of registered players: 47
Number of rounds: 6 with Top 8 afterwards
Tournament start: 11:15
Begin of first round: 11:30
Begin of first Top 8 round: 19:00

The decklists of the Top 8 Players can be found at MTGPulse at:

A list of the participants including decktype:

RankNameArchetypePointsRank after Swiss
1.Franke, JörnJeskai Midrange141.
2.Dölle, DennisIzzet143.
3.Templin, PaulRDW135.
4.Kötter, CarstenTPS137.
5.Bruch, Tobias4c Oath Control (without R)142.
6.Dethloff, JanDark Bant134.
7.Fischer, Tom4c Blood136.
8.Schumacher, StefanJeskai Midrange138.
9.Mielke, FabianIzzet Midrange13
10.Muench, JanUW Control12
11.Severin, ThoralfEggs12
12.Markworth, SörenIzzet Midrange12
13.Gottschalk, SteffenRDW12
14.Ziemes, Malte4c Blood10
15.Schmolke, FelixBant10
16.Dünisch, Jan4c (without R)10
17.Wittmann, TobiasTemur Midrange (with Scapeshift)10
18.Doernbach, LucaJeskai Twin9
19.Schumann, TinoJund9
20.Lange, OliverIzzet Aggro9
21.Herbst, AntjeAbzan Midrange9
22.Paetz, JensAbzan Combo9
23.Hollbach, Thomas5c Control9
24.Volk, AntjeWW9
25.Praße, Stefan5c Goodstuff9
26.Klein, Alexander4c Aggro (without U)9
27.Heinsius, MatthiasEsper Control7
28.Eckstein, FrankGW Midrange7
29.Hartmann, MichaelEsper Midrange7
30.Stelzer, AdrianUW Control7
31.Nagel, RandyAbzan Midrange6
32.Unger, Isaak5c Combo6
33.Jenke, Patrick5c Staxx6
34.Ehrich, NiclasMono Black Suicide6
35.Weber, AdrianTemur6
36.Weber, JérômeMardu Aggro6
37.Breuer, MichaelWW4
38.Herrmann, Roy4c Reanimator (without W)0
39.Snootspill, Snootspill5c ReanimatorDrop
40.Wagner, TinoAbzan MidrangeDrop
41.Lehmann, Leon4c BloodDrop
42.Khalifesoltani, PascalBantDrop
43.Wieske, Oliver4c Loam (without B)Drop
44.Hinkel, ThomasRDWDrop
45.Rössler, TobiasTPSDrop
46.McCrae, JohnNaya AggroDrop
47.Zohren, CédricNaya AggroDrop

Additionally the member Tabris made a Video Coverage, which he will publish commentated within the next weeks.
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« Reply #1 on: 21-04-2015, 09:07:04 PM »

Video Coverage from the event
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