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Author Topic: Highlander tournaments in Frankfurt (Main)    (Read 20510 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 12-02-2016, 03:12:17 PM »

RankName  MatchPointsArchetype OMW%
1Korbel, Jochen10 4C-Blood 56,1
2Zanotti, Danilo10Naya Midrange54,1
3Schäffer, Dirk9Izzet Spell Aggro56,2
4Müller, Tobias94C-Blood47,8
5Huther, Nils6Mono Black Suicide55,6
6Lauvad-Canonne, Olivier6Zur, the Enchanter52
7Kropf, Marco44C-Blood54
8Logisch, Arne4UW/b creatureless Control37,3
9Deutscher, Markus3Magic Zoo68,8
10Neuf, Sabine3RW-Goblins61
11Smeltz, Christopher2UB-Reanimator50
12Goempel, Jonas0GW +1/+1 Counters43,8

RankName   MatchPointsArchetype OMW%
1Klein, Timo12White Weenie68
2Zimmermann, Martin12Mono Blue Control58,6
3Hittel, Matthias12Esper58,6
4Korbel, Jochen124C Blood46,6
5Huther, Nils9Mono Black Suicide65
6Kropf, Marco94C-Blood54,6
7Kreile, Julien9Grixis Midrange53,2
8Burger, Julian9Bant52
9Logisch, Arne9UW/b creatureless Control45,2
10Lauvad-Canonne, Olivier9Esper44,3
11Hubertus, David94C Scapeshift41,2
12Müller, Tobias64C Blood60
13Bausch, Joshua6Izzet Spell Midrange58,6
14Jaafari, Constantin6Izzet58,6
15Hafner, Constantin6Jund54,6
16Heil, Max3Mono G Elves60
19Hornikel, Sascha0Abzan Tokens56
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Throw enough goblins at any problem and it should go away. At the very least, there'll be fewer goblins.
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