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 on: 15-08-2017, 07:27:44 AM 
Started by Payron - Last post by Payron

in Hamburg will be a HL sideevent, so everybody who is there anyways can join.

Reg.: 14:00
Start: 15:00
Entry Fee: 20€
Prizes:  75% of the entry fee will be cashed out in single cards.cAdditionally, the winner will receive 1 playmat. Prize table will be published immediately after registration.
More info about the Highlander format on


 on: 13-08-2017, 04:49:23 PM 
Started by Maqi - Last post by Maqi
The TIKI CUP - 2nd tournament of the BIG KAHUNA Series - will take place on October 21st, 2017.

Location will be Frankfurt am Main - JK Event Store.

Details will follow soon.

 on: 12-08-2017, 10:12:30 AM 
Started by hitman - Last post by Payron
after the Venser bounce on my Dragon he didn t just had a land drop. He had 6 lands and played Skyshroud Claim - searching 2 Lands - flipping nissa - play Jace for the 4 mana left and after the BS effect from jace reavle a wasteland with nissa :-O


 on: 12-08-2017, 01:32:56 AM 
Started by Tabris - Last post by tonytahiti
Luca 9 Dimir Delve
Dion 9 UB Wizards
Niclas 9 Mono Black Aggro
Benjamin 6 Sultai Midrange
Daniel 6 4cBlood
Christoph 6 Esper Midrange
Jan 6 5c Aggro
Christian 4 Jeskai Midrange
Florian 2 Bant Tempo
Andre 1 Mono Black Asian Cards

 on: 11-08-2017, 08:39:23 PM 
Started by hitman - Last post by Vazdru
g4: we played this game today, i kept 5 lands, Mental Misstep + Gitaxian Probe on the draw. He mulled to 6 and keeps 2 lands, Ponder, Mana Leak, Treasure Cruise and Batterskull. I draw Preordain which reveals Jace TMS and Izzet Charm which both stays on the top. His Ponder gets countered by Misstep. We have some draw-gos + land drops. I let him counter my Courser just to play Nissa Turn after. His Cryptic Command got countered by Izzet Charm. Crucial turn is when he plays Dragonlord Outai. I have Venser and bounce it. Attack with Nissa+Venser, play 7th land, flip Nissa, play Jace TMS -> Brainstorm, Nissa reveals Wasteland, kill one of his lands Cheesy He can Treasure Cruise in his turn but board was filled by my planeswalker, manlands (Raging Ravine), critters (GSZ for Titania Cheesy) and he isn't able to handle this somehow.



I will use my vacation period and will be back from holiday trip on 23.08.

 on: 11-08-2017, 06:05:27 PM 
Started by hitman - Last post by Vazdru
Payron (Azorius Control) vs Vazdru (UGrb Scapeshift)

g1: he starts with Preordain and 2 lands and screwed, i can curve out with following starting hand: Serum Visions, Spell Pierce, Nature's Lore, Nissa, Treasure Cruise, Scapeshift and one land Cheesy he do not use Mental Misstep for Preordain and i get Probe + lands from the Top. Probe got countered. I have Force of Will for his True-Name Nemesis and can combo with 7 lands + Remand-Backup because he already lost 3 lp to Misstep + one fetchland

g2: a well-timed Back to Basics locked me out of this game

g3: I start with Lumbering Falls, Misty Rainforest, Merchant Scroll, Brainstorm, Kitchen Finks, Intuition and Eternal Witness. Merchant Scroll for Force of Will while he had Jace, Vryn Prodigy. Vendillion Clique faced Restoration Angel on his side. My Intuition pile was Snapcaster, Titania and Skyshroud claim, which I've got. I have Mana Drain for his Sword of Feast and Famine and then Skyshroud Claim + Eternal Witness for Snapcaster Mage. My Fact or Fiction revealed Ponder+Three Visits+Island vs Flametongue Kavu+Forest. Flametongue Kavu got Forced (pitch Cryptic Command) and I don't Force back (would have to pitch Snapcaster). I play Snapcaster for Merchant Scroll for Mystical Tutor. We have some counter war and play a while from the top while I've had Lumbering Falls as attacker. In the end I find Scapeshift and won.


 on: 08-08-2017, 07:16:47 PM 
Started by Vazdru - Last post by Vazdru

 on: 08-08-2017, 10:34:59 AM 
Started by Goblin-Diplomaten - Last post by Goblin-Diplomaten
Hi everyone I am Dion Sabel from Berlin and I visited Finnland for the first time. I spend the first day sightseeing in Helsinki with Bernardo Franco who was kind enough to show me around and redefining my Highlander. After the last Metagame Masters me and Bernardo had the assumption that our deck is too slow. We added more cantrips and got rid of some creatures. MGM version:

-Coralhelm Commander
-Nightveil Specter
-Shorecrasher Elemental
-Sygg, River Cutthroat
-Torrential Gearhulk
-Jace, Architect of Thought
-Into the Roil
-As Foretold
-3 Snow-Covered Island

+Chain of Vapor        ->Bernardo tested it at MGM and was super impressed
+Divert                ->a cheap misdirection or spell pierce for other counter
+Negate                ->always a maybe card but I thought the finnish play more Combo/Control so it would be good to have another counter
+Suffer the Past       ->a card I randomly found in my collection, but I thought it is a nice card against reanimator and combo decks. aswell as a good way to win vs burn
+Baleful Strix         ->Achim G. played it at the Hula Cup which made me rethink the black splash
+Calcite Snapper       ->great vs Control and a nice wall vs creature based burn decks
+Nimble Obstructionist ->overall great card, first tournament with being legal Wink
+Sower of Temptation   ->this was my last minute addition for this tournament, in the end I was happy with it but only got it once via Vedalken AEthermage
+Serum Visions         ->more cantrips allow me to play less lands
+Sleight of Hand       ->more cantrips allow me to play less lands
+Ash Barrens           ->I always wanted to play the card but with only Islands it was never worth it
+Swamp                 ->the swamp makes sure I have black mana after casting Back to Basics which made the black splash way easier

My Decklist for the Finnish Highlander Champs 2017

There is not much data about the finnish highlander scene so I took any advise from Bernardo who told me that there are more combo decks than in germany. I also saw a youtube video from Miika Niemi playing his reanimator.

Let's get into the games
Round 1 - Tukia, Kaarle with Gr Ramp

Game 1
Kaarle won the die roll and while he was shuffling he flipped a Sylvan Caryatid and a Mountain, so I expected some kind of Red Green Midrange or Ramp deck. He kept his second 7 and I kept a hand with Judges Familiar and Counterspell. He started with Forest into Arbor Elf. I played Island and the Familiar. He gets a Utopia Sprawl on his Forest and starts ramping with Farseek. The next Turn he tries to resolve a Fierce Empath which I counter. I beat him for a couple of turns but don't struggle to find a black source with Tasigur and Baleful Strix in my hand. He then resolves a Channel into Emrakul staying on 1 life. RIP me 0:1

Game 2
With what I've seen on game one I set him on Cradlehoof a fast creaturebased ramp deck. I keep a hand with Toxic Deludge, Delver of Secrets, Vendilion Clique, Force Spike and 3 lands. I play turn ne Delver despite the Toxic Deludge plan I had in my mind. He didnt had anything on the first 2 turns. My Delver transforms on turn 3 and he is trying to resolve a Blood Moon which I Force Spike. Next turn I cast the Clique and see Primal Command, Culrivate, Three Visits, Eternal Witness, Hour of Promise and Cavern of Souls. I have a Force of Will in my hand, so I decide to get rid of Primal Command. He plays a basic land and goes for Three Visits into Cultivate. I beat him down to 9 life and drew a Remand for the turn. He plays the basic from the Cultivate and tries to play the Witness which I Remand. He then tries again with the Witness which I use Force of Will for. I attack him down to 3 life and he doesn't find a answer for my flyers. 1:1

Game 3
He has a hard time with his deck and mulligan to 5 cards. He plays Turn 2 farseek into Turn 3 Huntmaster of the Fells which I Mana Drain. I notice that he has only nonbasics out and I go for my upkeep Mystical Tutor for Demonic Tutor. I use then the Mana Drain mana to Demonic into Back to Basics. After I play Vendilion Clique into True-Name Nemesis he scoops. 2:1


Round 2 - Venäläinen, Jussi - Jeskai Control (splash black for Demonic Tutor/Mystical Teachings)

Game 1
Jussi kept his second 7, he flipped a basic Plains and a Force of Will while shuffling. So I knew he plays some kind of control deck. I don't remember much about the actual game, he had a clunky hand with almost only 4 drops. And I got ahead of him after end of turn copying his Gideon, Ally of Zendikar with my Stunt Double. I play remember playing a Suffer the Past for 4 with the help of Mana Drain and finishing him with my creatures. 1:0

Game 2
Don't remember much here either. He gets low on life and tries to get Helm of Obedience + Rest in Peace on the battlefield but I have a Negate and finish him the turn after. 2:0


Round 3 - Väänänen, Aleksi with Esper Midrange

Game 1
He won the die roll and kept his 2nd seven. I had a fast start with Turn 1 Delver which he instantly answered with Swords to Plowshares. I get out a Frost Walker and a 2/1 Flash Flyer which start beating him low. He tries to resolve Kitchen Finks which I Remand. With me having having creatures on the battlefield and counter in my hand I manage to win the first game. 1:0

Game 2
I mulligan to 6, but have again turn 1 Delver which he tries to fatal Push but I got a Mental Misstep. He then using Hymn to Tourach to destroy all my plans. I remeber it still being a very close game but he manages to kill me with his Tasigur. 1:1

Game 3
He mulligan to 5 cards and I start with just an Island. He starts with a untapped Watery Grave and I play my Jace, Vryns Prodigy straight into his Force Spike.I remember we both lose a lot of gas as he destroys my hand with Duress and Thoughtseize. He starts attacking me with his Shambling Vent and I topdeck a True-Name Nemesis aswell as a Spellstutter Sprite for a Portent which he tries to resolve. He is at 12 and iam at 10, he keeps attacking for 2 lifelink and I bash back for 4 damage a turn. Which kills him after a couple of turns. 2:1


Round 4 - Niemi, Joni with UR Control

Don't remember much, basically the pic explains it all. Suffer the Past for the win. 2:0


Round 5 - Hukka, Jori with RDW

I asked Jori if he wants to draw, since we both are for sure in the top8. But he declines because for he wants to start all games in the top8. I played a lot of times against RDW so I knew which cards I need to win. Trade early as much as possible and try to find Frostburn Weird/Calcite Snapper or the Suffer the Past. I had them all in Game 1 and most of it Game 2. 2:0


Round 6 - Pyythiä, Tuomas with White Wheenie



Quarterfinal - Salama, Tero with Gr Ramp

Semifinal - Soininen, Antti with UR Control

Final - Niemi, Miikka with BUG Reanimator

 on: 08-08-2017, 09:14:06 AM 
Started by Vazdru - Last post by Goblin-Diplomaten
I commented underneath the article
I am missing the option to add own tournaments, like local FNM's or local bigger tournaments. Aswell as the Highlander section. this is originally a Highlander tournament and not Commander. That's why the lists don't have Commanders and play cards like Karakas.

And a mod answered me
Nice suggestions! I'll try to implement it as soon as possible Wink


There is a chance that we can use just like, so if you want this to happen make sure to comment here what you are missing.

 on: 08-08-2017, 01:53:44 AM 
Started by Goblin-Diplomaten - Last post by Goblin-Diplomaten
59 Players

Final Standings
Place   Player Name   OMW   PGW   OGW
1   Sabel, Dion   16   0.639   0.733   0.593
2   Pyyhtiä, Tuomas   16   0.557   0.786   0.530
3   Niemi, Miikka   15   0.611   0.714   0.573
4   Soininen, Antti   15   0.574   0.625   0.546
5   Korolainen, Jussi   15   0.472   0.688   0.411
6   Eskola, Teemu   13   0.667   0.692   0.594
7   Hukka, Jori   13   0.602   0.643   0.554
8   Salama, Tero   12   0.676   0.643   0.583
9   Niemi, Joni   12   0.620   0.615   0.558
10   Halonen, Teemu   12   0.602   0.643   0.566
11   Väänänen, Aleksi   12   0.593   0.600   0.555
12   Ihonen, Juha   12   0.592   0.563   0.555
13   Nyk?nen, Antti   12   0.556   0.600   0.511
14   Nuuttila, Henri   12   0.518   0.588   0.473
15   Poikela, Pasi   12   0.509   0.625   0.507
16   Hayrynen, Andrei   12   0.482   0.600   0.450
17   Venalainen, Janne   12   0.471   0.563   0.458
18   Hyvarinen, Mikko   12   0.464   0.615   0.448
19   Vartiainen, Atte   10   0.491   0.511   0.484
20   Venäläinen, Jussi   10   0.490   0.556   0.462
21   Palsio, Joonas   10   0.438   0.556   0.461
22   Lindqvist, Juha   9   0.687   0.471   0.621
23   Peltotupa, Matti   9   0.620   0.500   0.583
24   Heikinheimo, Mikael   9   0.556   0.500   0.528
25   Himmanen, Joonas   9   0.511   0.538   0.485
26   Raula, Matti   9   0.499   0.467   0.465
27   Määttänen, Markus   9   0.494   0.524   0.481
28   Setälä, Veikko   9   0.447   0.467   0.430
29   Castren, Sakari   9   0.447   0.467   0.448
30   Lehtilä, Tuomo   7   0.543   0.458   0.538
31   Kosonen, Jaakko   7   0.536   0.463   0.495
32   Hämäläinen, Ari   7   0.489   0.487   0.494
33   Juuti, Joel   7   0.388   0.431   0.404
34   Valtonen, Ville   6   0.597   0.500   0.561
35   Laaksonen, Mikko   6   0.589   0.429   0.580
36   Pieniniemi, Matti   6   0.577   0.385   0.553
37   Tukia, Kaarle   6   0.564   0.357   0.525
38   Öhman, Janne   6   0.556   0.400   0.527
39   Pohjola, Jarno   6   0.490   0.357   0.516
40   Immonen, Markus   6   0.490   0.438   0.480
41   Franco, Bernardo   6   0.480   0.333   0.454
42   Kaapro, Tomi   6   0.446   0.500   0.460
43   Muona, Leo   6   0.433   0.500   0.423
44   Jouste, Erkka   6   0.387   0.400   0.386
45   Syrjätie, Markus   4   0.381   0.356   0.438
46   Koskelo, Joonas   3   0.609   0.500   0.393
47   Rikola, Markku   3   0.583   0.364   0.541
48   Tiippana, Simo   3   0.565   0.333   0.522
49   Olkinuora, Tuomo   3   0.556   0.333   0.528
50   Aro, Markus   3   0.541   0.400   0.461
51   Savolainen, Isto-pekka   3   0.466   0.333   0.483
52   Uurtio, Ville   3   0.444   0.231   0.452
53   Hirvonen, Sebastian   3   0.402   0.394   0.421
54   Stenberg, Tommi   3   0.374   0.400   0.404
55   Mellanen, Rasmus   0   0.833   0.000   0.688
56   Pitk?nen, Elmeri   0   0.611   0.143   0.552
57   Nord, Lauri   0   0.500   0.000   0.500
58   Orden, Christoffer   0   0.499   0.333   0.474
59   Lehtinen, Mikko

1. Sabel, Dion (Ub Aggro/Tempo) vs. 8. Salama, Tero (Gr Ramp)
2. Pyyhtiä, Tuomas (White Weenie) vs. 7. Hukka, Jori (Red Deck Wins)
3. Niemi, Miikka (BUG Reanimator)  vs. 6. Eskola, Teemu (Red Deck Wins)
4. Soininen, Antti (UR Control) vs. 5. Korolainen, Jussi (Jund Aggro)

Sabel vs. Salama 2-0
Pyyhtiä vs. Hukka 2-0
Niemi vs. Eskola 2-0
Soininen vs. Korolainen 2-1

Sabel vs. Soininen 2-1
Niemi vs. Pyyhtiä 2-1

Sabel (Ub Aggro/tempo) vs. Niemi (BUG Reanimator) 2-0

Top8 Decklists

Sabel, Dion
Pyyhtiä, Tuomas
Niemi, Miikka
Soininen, Antti
Korolainen, Jussi    
Eskola, Teemu
Hukka, Jori          
Salama, Tero

other Lists
Jouste, Erkka    Grixis Control
Nuuttila, Henri  Gr Ramp Green Moon

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