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 on: Today at 07:57:21 PM 
Started by grizzledmage - Last post by firestarter
Piepser, we have to play our games today.

Game is open if you read this.

 on: Yesterday at 11:10:41 PM 
Started by Tabris - Last post by tonytahiti
Friday 20th October 2017

Luca 12 Dimir Delve
Jan 9 5c Aggro
Anton 9 Dimir Control
Steffen 9 Scapeshift
Benjamin 9 Mardu Prowess
Nils 7 Sultai Control
Paul 6 Esper Stax
Dion 6 4c(w/o G) Combo
Leon 6 RDW
Jonny 6 Mono U Control
Benny 6 RDW
Florian 4 Temur Midrange
Marvin 3 Esper Merfolk
Daniel 3 Mono U Control Combo

Cedric Reanimator Drop
Oliver Reanimator Drop
Niklas Grixis Drop

 on: 18-10-2017, 03:36:35 PM 
Started by Payron - Last post by Payron
The event was on the 14.10.17 therefore this was the last event with a legal Mystical Tutor

 on: 18-10-2017, 01:53:04 PM 
Started by Payron - Last post by mox-fanatic
Thanks for sharing this information. Looking forward to see some decklists.

I'm wondering about the outcome of the event. Two decks in the finals that (ab)used Mystical Tutor. Maybe the ban was not enough to punish blue as dominating color and the Council should consider to ban more blue cards (Mana Drain, DTT, ...).

 on: 18-10-2017, 11:26:48 AM 
Started by Payron - Last post by Payron

last weekend we had an awsome tournament in bratislava and I wanted to share the information in this thread. We had 57 players fighting for an awsome pricepool on this weekend, which prepared to fight with there best decks against each other. After 6 rounds of swiss we had following standings, which started of the top8:

1.   Roman A. – UWb Control – 14 pts
2.   Jan M. – 4c(w/o W) Scapeshift – 14 pts
3.   Lukas B. - Izzet Control - 14 pts
4.   Kristian M. – Selesyna Midrange - 14 pts
5.   Dalibor S. – 5c Reanimator – 13 pts.
6.   Tomas V. - UWb Helm control - 13 pts
7.   Patrik S. – Abzan Pattern Rector – 13 pts
8.   Fabian M. – Izzet Control – 13 pts
first parings in the top8 are the following:

Roman A. – UWb Control  vs  Fabian M. – Izzet Control 

Jan M. – 4c(w/o W) Scapeshift  vs  Patrik S. – Abzan Pattern Rector

Lukas B. - Izzet Control
  vs  Tomas V. - UWb Helm control

Kristian M. – Selesyna Midrange  vs  Dalibor S. – 5c Reanimator

Semi Finals:

Dalibor S. – 5c Reanimator  vs  Fabian M. – Izzet Control

Jan M. – 4c(w/o W) Scapeshift
  vs  Tomas V. - UWb Helm control


Jan M. – 4c(w/o W) Scapeshift  vs  Fabian M. – Izzet Control

 on: 16-10-2017, 03:00:10 PM 
Started by Maqi - Last post by Maqi
Reminder! This Saturday is gametime! Tell your friends, maybe form a team, and compete for prizes and glory! Smiley

 on: 15-10-2017, 08:38:02 PM 
Started by hitman - Last post by Vazdru

This round ends: Okt. 22nd at 9pm.

K0d013e4st used his vacation time
round ends 29.10.17, 21.00 CET

 on: 15-10-2017, 11:06:40 AM 
Started by tonytahiti - Last post by tonytahiti
Metagame Masters 10 Official Reminder:

In 27 Days Metagame Mastes will celebrate its 10th tournament anniversary. MGM9 was held in July with Abzan coming out on top: What are Ixalan and the Mystical Tutor Ban going to do to the format? "Winner of MGM10" is something that would look really good on somebodys HL Resumee. There is another Championship-Title to be giving away though - "Winning Team of MGM10". For the first time we will have a team competition with extra prizes, extra fun and extra comradery. Join a team with 2 friends (or 2 strangers that will become friends) and take part in the competition. It is not a must, just a fun extra for those interested. Either way: Come to Berlin, we are looking forward to a joyful day!

Der andere Spieleladen
Prenzlauer Allee 192
10405 Berlin
Tel.: 030 441 5151


10.00 - 11.00 am
Start: 11.00 am

Starting Fee:
15 Euros (please bring decklists)

1. Tropical Island
2. Liliana of the Veil
3. Snapcaster Mage
4. Snapcaster Mage
5-8. 30 Euro Store Credit
9-14. 10,00 EUR MKM Voucher

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or join our facebook-group:

 on: 14-10-2017, 08:35:46 AM 
Started by Tabris - Last post by tonytahiti
Friday 13th October

Tobias 10 5c Elves
Leon 10 RDW
Paul 9 Artifact Combo
Jonny 7 Mono U Control
Luca 7 Dimir Delve
Benjamin 6 Mardu Prowess
Daniel 6 Mono Green Ramp
Anton 6 Dimir Control
Christoph 6 4cMidrange (noG)
Marvin 6 Esper Merfolk
Christian 3 Jeskai Midrange
Nils 3 4c Midrange (noR)
Alexander 0 4cBlood

 on: 11-10-2017, 09:57:39 PM 
Started by Tabris - Last post by Tabris

since we are all living in 2017 and the canadians have it too, I thought of creating our own discord channel for all highlander things related. Its not a replacement for the fb-groups or forums but rather a place to quickly exchange ideas, just talk or arrange games on cockatrice (and of course memes). If you have any ideas for more specific voice- and/or textchannels (city specific channels) just put them in here. If thats only a fancy tool for all the lonely no-lifer out there, we can drop it later but I am eager to see if we as a community maybe have a use for it.

For everyone who doesnt know what it is. Think of it as a mixture of group Skype with chatroom, voice, screensharing and a lot more. Its free and also usable on mobile

Here is the link to the server

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