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1  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Tournaments in Berlin on: 01-12-2018, 04:28:28 PM
Interesting, thanks.
Finally some BANLISTED cards getting re-watched and tested under realistic conditions.
2  MagicPlayer Highlander / Banned List & Rules / Re: Results Survey 17/11/2018 (Continental Cup) on: 29-11-2018, 03:45:08 AM
Laughed pretty good at some BAN/UNBAN reasonings, thanks for sharing.
Looking forward for the next Banlist changes Cheesy
3  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Online Highlander Tournament ... for free and for fun! on: 16-09-2018, 02:08:01 PM
At the moment there are not enough interested players to start. I will post updates here if this will change in the future.
4  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Account Deletion on: 15-08-2018, 12:19:02 AM
I don't think that any admin is up this late ^^
5  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Account Deletion on: 15-08-2018, 12:17:46 AM
Why you wanna delete your forum account? ... and why the fuck is it necessary to confirm your deletion from an admin xD "that doesn't make sense!"
6  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Account Deletion on: 15-08-2018, 12:10:58 AM
Getting banned is normaly not the same as a deletion ...
... but good luck to get banned or deleted whatever you want and whyever you want Smiley
7  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Masters Westfalen Vol.1, Bielefeld (21 Players) on: 08-08-2018, 01:08:53 AM
Very nice report. Are decklists of the Top8 available?
8  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Online Highlander Tournament ... for free and for fun! on: 04-08-2018, 02:44:08 AM
I posted my first idea of a new Online Highlander Tournament format like a month ago and this thread now is to ask you guys if enough players are interested in this to pursue this idea.

Some of this stuff is already known from the Online Highlander League:

- Monthly tournament free to join, post your deck code to join.
- The tournament is intended for 8 players single KO-System, Best of Three.
- Games will be played on Cockatrice (Server: Rooster Ranges)
- Rounds end every week Sunday 11 pm (players can arrange their match from Monday 6 pm - Sunday 11 pm).
- I would suggest to arrange your matches via PM or Discord.
- Players who don't show up to their match, receive a loss and can't join the next monthly tournament.
- Winner posts a short report of the match.

If you have questions or ideas feel free to post or contact me via PM or discord.
9  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Council update on: 04-08-2018, 01:33:42 AM
10  MagicPlayer Highlander / New Editions / Commander 2018 additions to your highlander?! on: 29-07-2018, 01:40:18 PM
Entreat the Dead

Miracle reanimate your graveyard

Ravenous Slime

Crash of the Rhino Beetles

Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor

Reality Scramble

Maybe 'Retrace' makes this card some kind of viable

Gyrus, Waker of Corpses

Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow

Endless Atlas

11  MagicPlayer Highlander / General Discussion / Re: Round times for Highlander tournaments on: 28-07-2018, 12:00:59 PM
Looks like I am alone with my opinion but ...
I am/was fine with 50-55mins at every tournament I attended, never came to a timeout and had to play extra turns. In my opinion some players just have a terrible time management or extending their turns for an "advantage", because of this reasons 'Senseis Devining Top' is BANNED.
12  MagicPlayer Highlander / Deck Lists / Re: 4c Blood decklist(s)/spreadsheet on: 26-07-2018, 11:42:54 AM
Is this link working now?

13  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Warum immer noch englisch? on: 23-07-2018, 01:32:56 AM
Jemand war ja so nett und hat mich bei Facebook wegen meines "Fake"-Namens gemeldet ...

... und bevor ich diesem Verein meine persönlichen Daten gebe bin ich lieber kein aktiver Teil der Highlander-Community mehr.

Kleiner Tip an die die Facebook unter einem Alterego nutzen, ihr solltet in der Gruppe keinem mit euerer Meinung auf die Füße treten.
14  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Warum immer noch englisch? on: 22-07-2018, 02:01:46 PM
I do not see any sense in excluding player groups that "read only"
Aren't those foreign communities with own forums in their native language exculding other communities?

Making information available to communities outside of the own country not only shows respect for other groups of players
I don't see that kind of respect from foreign communities if they prefer posting in their native language and only use this forum to "lurk".

We have 3 council members who do not speak German and communicate through this forum or obtain information.
pyyhttu: Last post 04-10-2017
Nastaboi: Last post 16-11-2016
Dalibor: Last post 21-09-2017
It's more like they obtain and take it away into their own forums excluding other foreign communities to participate for whatever reasons.

The question that is much more pressing for me is: "Why is not written in English in other active Highlander forums?"
Good question ... or why foreign communities don't use this forum?

Also: If you think that your question should only reach a certain target group / is aimed at a specific target group, you are obviously free to write it in your native language. Whether that makes sense and you may not still see advantages in a medium that everyone understands is another matter.
I don't have a problem at all writing in english if there would be participation from foreign players but as I pointed out this forum is activly used only from german-speaking users so I was suggesting "Why not keep it german?".
15  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Warum immer noch englisch? on: 22-07-2018, 11:16:06 AM
Maybe the majority of registered forumusers seem to be non-german but I'm talking more about the active users. Since the finish community seem to have their own forum where they only post only in finish and the same counts for the czech/slovakian community, I don't see a good reason here why I/we should continue posting in english only for those who "lurk" and don't participate. We don't have a forum yet for those native german speaking players who are not that good in english to read or post in this forum but it seem to be okay for the foreign communities to open up their own forums so they can hold it in their native language.
As far as I know it was kinda a favor that we started to post in english so foreign players can participate in discussions but since the most of them fled there is no reason anymore to hold the most threads in english here.
For a comprehensive communication of all communities there is still the facebook group.
As I said the important threads like Ban-/Watchlist changes and the Online Highlander League should stay in english but I still don't see a reason why the rest of the forum here should stay in english.
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