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1  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Tournaments in Berlin on: 16-09-2018, 10:22:20 PM
Friday, September 14th

1 Nils 12 - 4C Scapeshift (w/o W)
2 Benjamin 9 - Esper Aggro Artifacts?
3 Tobias W 9 - 4C Scapeshift (w/o W)
4 Felix 9 - Mono G Ramp
5 Leon 7 - RDW?
6 Dion 7 - Mardu Midrange
7 Jonny 7 - Pattern Rector
8 Marvin 6 - Mardu Aggro Control
9 Christoph 6 -
10 Philipp 6 -
11 Jan 4 - 5C Goostuff
12 Daniel 3 - Artifact Control?
13 Luca 3 - Temur Twin
14 Tobias T 3 -
15 Niklas 3 - Abzan Midrange

2  MagicPlayer Highlander / Announcements / Re: Highlander Masters Westfalen II 16.9.18 Bielefeld on: 15-08-2018, 10:44:00 PM
As a store owner you should be careful with your idea of a proxy. Don't get me wrong. I like the idea to allow them for an easier entry in the format and support it with all i can effort. But your description is not a call for a proxy or playtest card, it is an invitation and instruction for counterfeits. It could cost you your tournament license. Pls make sure, that your players know the difference between playtest card and counterfeit and that it must clearly recognizable as a playtest card (e.g. for a rule with a reasonable quality: only proxy function from in a smaller format are allowed or only black white printings are allowed, etc.).
3  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Tournaments in Berlin on: 05-08-2018, 12:30:34 PM

[...], if at least the winner would be obliged ....

Cannot and do not want to oblige people, but Christoph linked his list to share it with the community voluntarily:
4  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Tournaments in Berlin on: 04-08-2018, 01:41:10 AM
Friday, August 4th

1 Christoph 12 - 4C Goodstuff (w/o R)
2 Karl 9 - 5C Artifacts
3 Christian 7 - UB Control
4 Marvin 6 - UG Merfolk
5 Nils 6 - Jeskai Midrange
(6 Leon 5 - Grixis Control)
(7 Jonny 5 - UW Control)
8 Benjamin 3 - Big Red
(9 Luca 1 - UW Tempo)

(...) = Drop

5  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Warum immer noch englisch? on: 22-07-2018, 12:22:02 PM
I do not see any sense in excluding player groups that "read only" instead of writing (no matter in which Highlander forum), when just about everyone (for example, with the help of Google translator) can somehow communicate in English. Making information available to communities outside of the own country not only shows respect for other groups of players, but is also necessary if you want to spread the format beyond the borders. We have 3 council members who do not speak German and communicate through this forum or obtain information. The question of whether we write in German or English, does not arise in my opinion. The question that is much more pressing for me is: "Why is not written in English in other active Highlander forums?"

Also: If you think that your question should only reach a certain target group / is aimed at a specific target group, you are obviously free to write it in your native language. Whether that makes sense and you may not still see advantages in a medium that everyone understands is another matter.
6  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Metagame Masters 12, Berlin (39 players) on: 16-07-2018, 08:29:11 PM
Updated main post: Added additional lists people asked for
7  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Help with Account on: 16-07-2018, 08:20:23 PM
If you still have problems with your account leave me a message at Discord or Facebook.  (European HL Discord) -> Dr. Opossum

Facebook -> Stephanie Possum
8  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Metagame Masters 12, Berlin (39 players) on: 15-07-2018, 01:52:25 PM
Metagame Masters #12

Decklists Top 8:

Rank 1: Malte Z., RDW

Rank 2: Tobias W., 4C Scapeshift

Rank 3: Jonny A., UWbr Control

Rank 4: Jan D., 5C Midrange

Rank 5: Florian B., Jeskai Midrange

Rank 6: Dion S., Ub Aggro Control

Rank 7: Luca D., Esper Midrange

Rank 8: Tom F., UWb Control

Final Standings (after Top 8 ):

Top 8:


Dion (Ub Wizards) vs Tobias (Scapeshift)
Jonny (UW Control) vs Tom (UWb Control)
Luca (Esper Midrange) vs Malte (RDW)
Jan (5C Midrange) vs Florian (Jeskai Midrange)


Jonny (UW Control) vs Malte (RDW)
Tobias (Scapeshift) vs Jan (5C Midrange)


Malte (RDW) vs Tobias (Scapeshift)

Winner: Malte (RDW)

Meta Breakdown:

Judge Picture:

(No, it's not a painting. Yes, it's a photo. No, I don't take commissions.)

Additional Decklists:

Rank 9: Max H., Grixis Aggro Control

Rank 11: Paul T., 5C Artifact Combo

Rank 12: Daniel T., Big Red

Rank 13: Jürgen F., Izzet Control

Rank 21: Karl-Florian P., Mono G Ramp

Rank 23: Marc B., Grixis Midrange

Rank 26: Karl D., 5C Artifact Combo

9  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Tournaments in Berlin on: 08-07-2018, 11:45:19 AM
Friday, July 6th

1 Jonny 12 - UWr Control
2 Leon 9 - RDW
3 Luca 6 - ?? (something with Brightling?)
4 Stefan 6 - RDW
5 Steffen 6 - RDW
6 Florian 6 - Jeskai Midrange
7 Benjamin 6 - Sultai Midrange
8 Marvin 3 - Sultai Hermit Midrange
9 Nils 0 - 4C Scapeshift (w/o W)

10  MagicPlayer Highlander / Deck Lists / Re: We need to post decklists! on: 27-06-2018, 10:36:51 PM
I do not see any reason to impose a specific platform on people who will die out anyway. Even a new website and a new design will not guarantee that someone shares your opinion on the forum. It may increase interest in the main page, but I doubt it will replace more popular social media. Especially if no regular content follows. I also do not understand why a user who occasionally checks the forum for news has more interest in the format than someone voting in a poll. Why does a user have the wrong priorities when commenting on Facebook, rather than in a forum that is used and seen by fewer people. How do you know if people care or not? They are obviously interested enough to take part in the survey. If simplicity allows access and participation for members - why not?
11  MagicPlayer Highlander / Deck Lists / Re: We need to post decklists! on: 27-06-2018, 06:10:04 PM
I would also prefer magiccardmarket over other platforms. Even if community members are still not able to upload lists themselves (hope this will be a function in the future). I like the layout and clarity more and would guess, that a bigger part of the community already use cardmarket. At least it is what i recommend to new players. But at the moment we should be grateful for every commitment and input and thats what Goblin does. Thank you very much!

The sorrowful FB/ forum discussion:
1. Most of the users allready have a fb account. Why should they make an account for a platform, which only use 10 people actively.
2. FB is more flexible (groups, connections, other interests). Why should they join a forum just for hl, when they can use a plattform for hl, mtg overall, other games, etc.
3. This forum is at least... 10 years old? Forums overall are so 2006. Most of the visitors use it for updates concerning the wl or banned list. It's not that much more input comes from us. Unmotivation is contagious.
4. Even as a non-/ barely active member i can vote for each nonsense survey with one click and also see how many voted and who voted. FB is simply smoother/ needs no effort. Even posting and answering is easier if you take a platform that you use every day anyway.
12  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Tournaments in Berlin on: 17-06-2018, 12:26:04 AM
Friday, June 15th

1 Leon 12 - RDW
2 Steffen 9 - 4C Scapeshift (w/o Brightling)
3 Niklas 9 - Mono B Aggro
4 Nils 6 - 4C Scapeshift (w/o W)
5 Jonny 6 - UW Control?
6 Florian 6 - Grixis Midrange
7 Benjamin 6 - ??
8 Marvin 3 - Grixis Tempo
9 Daniel 3 - ??
10 Philipp 0 - UR Aggro
13  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Tournaments in Berlin on: 21-04-2018, 12:09:40 PM
Friday, April 20th

1 Dion 12 - UB Wizard (Aggro Control)
2 Leon 9 - RDW
3 Jonny 9 - 5C Artifact Combo
4 Florian 9 - Sweet Temur
5 Benjamin 9 - Sultai Midrange
6 Karl 7 - 5C Artifact Combo
7 Andreas 6 - Boros Aggro
8 Christoph 6 - Orzhov Control
9 Luca 6 - Cute Temur
10 Johannes 6 - Tin Fins Oath
11 Felix 5 - Abzan Midrange
12 Daniel S. 4 - GW Tokens
13 Jacob 4 -
14 Marvin 3 - UG Merfolk
15 Marcel 1 - Mono G Ramp
16 Niklas R. 0 - Mono G Ramp
14  MagicPlayer Highlander / Deck Lists / Re: Highlander Games on Youtube on: 05-04-2018, 11:33:48 PM
Latest video coverage from Metagame Masters 11. Hope you'll enjoy it. Article in german, videos in english. Feel free to add some suggestions/ feedback. Smiley
15  MagicPlayer Highlander / Official Announcements / April 1st, 2018 - Banned List Changes on: 01-04-2018, 12:01:40 AM
Changes to the present banned list, effective 04/15/2018:



Current watchlists:

Ban watchlist:                                                    
• Blood Moon
• Back to Basics
• Bring to Light *new*
• Demonic Tutor
• Dig Through Time
• Entomb
• Imperial Seal
• Mana Drain
• Oath of Druids
• Tainted Pact
• Tolarian Academy
• Treasure Cruise
• True-Name Nemesis *new*
Yawgmoth's Will *new*

Unban watchlist:                                                      
• Mystical Tutor
• Gifts Ungiven
• Skullclamp *new*

Single cards explanations:


Bring to Light

Based on recent available tournament data Scapeshift is one of the best combo decks currently - maybe even the best one. It isn't just a local meta phenomenon as Scapeshift decks has quite decent results on some bigger tournaments in quite different areas during the last months (e. g. in Finnland, Berlin, Mannheim, Erfurt, Frankfurt, online). It seems quite robust to any meta-changing and keeps that high level performance for already quite a while. As we don't want to ban combo-decks in total basically, but weaken it if necessary we decided not to put Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle or Scapeshift itself on watchlist but a specific tutor which shines most in Scapeshift-shells. Bring to Light do not see much play outside Scapeshift-combo so we suppose this could be the right tool to weaken the combo to adjust meta if outstanding performance will last on during the next months.
Same is true for uprising Reanimator as Entomb stays under special monitoring too.

True-Name Nemesis

First off, we get that True-Name Nemesis is „only“ a creature and creatures tend to not get banned. The usual argument is, a creature is rather easily handled, therefore making a ban unreasonable.
True-Name Nemesis however is different in this regard because it isn't answered easily at all. Most common solutions for problematic creatures are useless against True-Name Nemesis.
This alone would not be a problem if True-Name Nemesis wouldn't also be unblockable (making it a formidable tool to keep opposing Planeswalkers off the table) and wouldn't be almost impossible to destroy in combat (thus often times being a full-stop to opposing aggressive strategies).
Furthermore, True-Name Nemesis is blue. As it happens, Blue is the dominant color in our format at the moment. The fact that Blue also gets to get the arguably best midrange creature is unfortunate – to say the least – for the purposes of balancing the power level among colors for our format.
Current top performing decks do not care all that much about True-Name Nemesis. Scapeshift, Reanimator and Blue-based Control all have reasonable tools against the pesky merfolk.
It is rather the decks we don't see as often at the moment, which have a harder time dealing with it. It could be the right call to reduce the obstacles for those decks in order to shift the metagame to a point where they can more easily flourish.

Yawgmoth's Will

Yawgmoth's Will has been on watch for a long time now and all that can really be said about the card is, that it is a non-issue.
It only really becomes broken when used in conjunction with Dark Ritual-like cards. However, the nature of a singleton format makes this combination rather complicated to execute.
If one succeeds at going off with Yawgmoth's Will, congratulations to the person because they really pulled off a feat.
Consequently, Yawgmoth's Will leaves the watchlist for the time being.



Skullclamp is on banned list for ages now and this for some good reasons. The clamp looks quite grim on paper and would be absolutly dominating in a few scenarios. Nevertheless Skullclamp has been already picked up by the community for some discussions lately. Why? In fact not many tier 1 decks would play Skullclamp currently, powerlevel has been increased quite a lot since this card has entered the banned-list and it could be a nice tool for decks which are on the decline at the moment maybe. Card like Treasure Cruise gives "instant" 1:3 card-advantage while Skullclamp needs a special setting to reach this and is more often just a dead card from the top without any impact on the game. Maybe this cards grants new strategic aspects in deck-building (cards like Bitterblossom seem almost vanished, Bloodghast would have a new friend) and game-play (when is the right time/turn to "cycle" your Mana-Elf for 2 cards? when do card-advantage outclass tempo-loss?).

In other singleton-formats where Skullclamp is unbanned, this card does not have an overwhelming influence too. In Canadian Highlander for example this card hasn't even an entry on the point-list.

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