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1  MagicPlayer Highlander / Ladder Tournaments / Re: Ladder Tournament 2017 - Registration on: 06-01-2018, 01:45:32 PM
2  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: Price-funds Season XXXI on: 26-12-2017, 04:29:58 PM
I will use my points for next buy in.
3  MagicPlayer Highlander / Ladder Tournaments / Re: Ladder Tournament 2017 - Invitation on: 24-12-2017, 01:16:44 PM
I'm in.
4  MagicPlayer Highlander / Deck Lists / Re: HLL - Season 31 on: 07-12-2017, 05:03:14 PM
The deck of Kodobeast is missing.
5  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: [HLL] Scoreboard / Schedule- Season XXXI on: 15-11-2017, 07:58:37 PM
Silberhase(Jund Madness) - K0d013e4st(RDW) 2:1

Game 1: I won the die roll, but I had a slow start. After killing his t1 Creature with lightning bolt eot I only cycled a land t2 and played library t3. He answered with t2 Keldon Marauders and Magus of the Moon. On t4 I got Zenith into lotleth troll that I could discard my haunted dead. But he had Collectiv Defiance to kill my troll, and he killed me a turn later with Ball Lightning and Fireblast.

Game 2: I started with t1 Gnarlwood Dryad, t2 Sylvan Library and t3 Lotleth Troll while missind 3rd land. He played t2 Goblin Guide and t3 Chandra's Phoenix. Then on my turn I discarded haunted dead with the troll and revived him by discarding Driven//Despair and Fiery Temper, who killed the goblin to get away the blocker for my attack. My opponent played Cursed Scroll and bolted my troll. On my turn I played despair and attacked with my 3 creature while he also had 3 cards in hand, but could still play Scullcrack before he had to discard his hand. He topdecked Mutavult played it after killing my dryad with the scroll. Then I played Collective Brutality discarding Honored Hydra for killing the phoenix and draining 2 lifes. After my attack I was on 10 lifes and he on 6. Now he drew Ahn-Crop Crasher and attacked with him while having Mutavult on defense. On my attack he traded the Mutavult with Haunted Dead and I killed the crasher with Maelstrom Pulse. On My next turn I played Zenith for Deathrite Shaman and he burned me with Flame Javelin to 3 lifes getting back his phoenix. Then on his turn he used his Ember Hauler to kill my shaman. Now the game became very close, while I raised him with my spirit token also to 3 lifes. I ended the turn with a Fatal Push in hand and Liliana of the veil which I couldn't cast since I had only one black mana. My opponent drew only a Mountain and ended the turn while still having only the pheonix in hand. I revived eot my Haunted Dead which he killed with the scroll and now I still had the 2nd Spirit token on the battlefield. On my turn I attack him with only 1 spirit and played satyr wayfinder who finds a Sheltered Thicket(RG Cycle dual) for me but kept it in hand. My opponent drew a Figure of Destiny which he played and finished his turn. Now I found a Demonic Tutor in Library which found me Lightning Axe to kill his Figure and won now with attacking witch my creatures.

Game3: I went mulligan to 6 and my opponent started with t1 Vexing Devil(4dmg) and t2 Falkenrath Gorger. I had only t2 Satyr finding no land. My opponent found no 3rd land and killed my satyr with Sudden Shock. On my 3rd turn I played Liliana, Heretic Healer (flip one) which he killed on his turn with Fire Ambush. Then I played Lotleth Troll with having 1 black mana open for regeneration. My opponent now only drew a lavaspike and still stuck on 2 lands. I found on my turn my 4th land with grizzly salvage, who also revealed a Bloodsoaked Champion. My opponent now only got Black Vise which was useless, cause I still had only 3 cards in hand after discarding and madnessing Asylum Visitor to the troll. Now I had a very stong turn. I first played Tomenting Voice (discarding Key to the City) and attacked with my creatures. He traded the Visitor with his Gorger. I discarded Wild Mongrel and Prized Amalgam into the troll before dmg. On my 2nd mainphase I could now play Hollow One for free and returned bloodsoaked champion to play what also gave me Amalgam back.
Even the 3rd land he got now wasn't able to stop this board and so he died on my turn, finally with Tainted Pact into Lightning Bolt.
6  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: [HLL] Scoreboard / Schedule- Season XXXI on: 12-11-2017, 10:47:43 PM
Silberhase(Jund Madness) - K0d013e4st(RDW) 2:1

report follows
7  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: [HLL] Scoreboard / Schedule- Season XXXI on: 10-10-2017, 11:37:09 PM
Silberhase (Jund Madness) - Vazdru (Sultai Combo Oath) 2:0

Game 1: I was on the play and Gerry started t1 with raven's crime, where I had to discard fliplilly. I had a t2 Smuggler's Copter, but my t3 Satyr wayfinder was remanded. Next turn i played Wayfinder again and Copter was killed by Fatal Push. Gerry now played Crucible and retraced his Raven's Crime, where I could discard my dead Fatal Push. Next round he played again Crime and countered my Grisly Salvage in response. So I discarded my Stromkirk Occultist and played him for madness. Gerry played another Crime for my last card, but I had lightning bolt and still a red mana available. On my turn i raised my opponent and Stromkirk Occultist revealed a Scarab Feast, who could exile Gerry's lands in the Graveyard. Finally he got no answer for my threads.

Game 2: I had to mull to 6 and Gerry opened the game with a t1 Inquisition and discarded my Lilly of the Veil. I had no 1-drop but a t2 Collective Brutaly, which was countered by Swan Song. On t3 Gerry responded with Shadow of Doubt to my fetchland, so I could only play Tormenting Voice (discarded Neonate). Then Gerry played Merchant Scroll for Intuition and I played Wayfinder in my turn. Next turn I played Miasmic Mummy. In response Gerry played Intuition for Loam (although he had no green mana), Wasteland and Forbidden Orchard and discarded the given Loam into the Mummy while i discarded Haunted Dead. Then he played Thoughtseize discarded my Hazoret and also played Damnation. Now I played Olivia, Mobilized for War. Gerry played Demonic Tutor into Lilly of the Veil and I had to sac my Olivia. On his next turn, he chose not to up lilly and only said go and I took eot Haunted Dead from graveyard with discarding Fliplilly and Bloodhall Priest. The spirit token killed lilly and I played Asylum Visitor. On my next turn he played Mystic Confluence for bouncing my Haunted Dead and Asylum Visitor and drawing a card and I replayed Haunted Dead (hardcast). Finally he got no answer for my Haunted Dead and two spirit tokens.
8  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: [HLL] Registration Season XXXI on: 16-09-2017, 01:12:49 PM
9  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: [HLL] Registration Season XXXI on: 06-09-2017, 09:15:20 AM
10  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League (Archive) / Re: [HLL] Scoreboard / Schedule- Season XXIX on: 10-03-2017, 01:29:15 AM
Silberhase (Academy.dec) 2 - phinp (Grixis Control) 0

Game 1:

I kept after free mull a risky hand with no lands but Chrome Mox, Mox Opal,GW Talisman, Ponder, Hedron Archive, Trinket Mage and Tezzeret. My Opp also free mulled and kept Island, BG Fetch, BS, Duress, Flipjace, Splintertwin and Chandra, Torch of Defiance.

He started with Island go.I topdecked deserted temple, imprinted Trinket Mage into Chrome Mox and also played Talisman and Mox opal, but kept ponder in hand. He played BS with fetch into Badlands + Duress and discarded me Tezzeret. I drew Preordain and played Hedron Archive. He missed his 3rd Land and played only Jace. I got Ancient Tomb now and pondered into Toxic to kill jace. Now he played Thing in the Ice. In the Next turns I looked deeper into my deck with my cantrips (also got preordain and snapi into BS) and finally i got trophy mage into rings and tolaria west, so my plan was to get rings combo online. Unfortunatly he played eot Lightning Bolt my Trophy Mage and MYstical into Thoughtseize and ripped my Rings with that. He also played Treasure Cruise, so Thing in the Ice got flipped and put me onto preasure, but still hasn't found 3rd land. Now i topdecked map and I could play my Snapcaster again into Ponder but found nothing good but i could use my map for wasteland to screw him out completely. Now his chance was only on Thing in the Ice, but Snapcaster gave me one more round. On my turn I transmuted tolaria into academy, made me a couple of mana and saced Archive for two cards. There I found Regrowth which gave me trophy mage back an tutored Staff of Domination. He topdecked Tec Edge, but I only had three Lands so he couldn't use it against my academy. Finally I got Grim Monolith into Power Artifact online.

Game 2:

I kept a semi good hand with Forest, Map, Ancient Tomb, City of Traitors, Time Twister, Regrowth and Pore Over the Pages. He kept Lacaclaw Reaches, Volcanic Island, Gitaxian Probe, Sinkhole, Mana Drain, Mana Leak and Clique.

Turn 1 He play Probe and Reaches and Me Forest and Map, Turn 2 he Volcanic and Me my topdecked Tropical Island. Again he missed 3rd land. In case I had no artifacts beside map i choosed to tutor wasteland to screw him down again. With Regrowth I could use my Wasteland again for his 2nd land and he saw no more lands for the rest of the game. At least i comboed out with paradox engine.

Thanks for the games.
11  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: [HLL]Meeting Point on: 07-03-2017, 09:14:22 PM
Yeah sounds good. Let's say 9pm.
12  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: [HLL] Scoreboard / Schedule- Season XXIX on: 03-03-2017, 07:10:37 PM
Hey Phinp, this Weekend seems bad for me but after I could play at almost every time. please let me know, when you got time for our match.
13  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League (Archive) / Re: [HLL]Registration - Season XXIX / Win a Dual - Vol. VIII on: 11-02-2017, 03:58:38 PM
14  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League (Archive) / Re: [HLL]Registration - Season XXIX / Win a Dual - Vol. VIII on: 25-01-2017, 10:10:41 PM
15  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: Highlander Tournaments in Berlin on: 15-01-2017, 12:43:47 PM
Add to the previous post:

Tobias 3 Grixis Aggrocontrol
Ferdinand 1 4c Planeswalker Control (w/o R)
Daniel S. 1(d) Mono U Artifact Combo-Control
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