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1  MagicPlayer Highlander / Official Announcements / October 1st, 2018 - Banned List Changes on: 01-10-2018, 04:00:34 PM
Changes to the present banned list, effective 10/15/2018:



Current watchlists:

Ban watchlist:
Blood Moon
Back to Basics
Bring to Light
• Demonic Tutor
• Dig Through Time
• Entomb
• Imperial Seal
• Mana Drain
• Oath of Druids
• Scapeshift *new*
• Tainted Pact
• Tolarian Academy
• Treasure Cruise
• True-Name Nemesis

Unban watchlist:                                                      
• Birthing Pod *new*
• Gifts Ungiven
• Umezawa's Jitte *new*
• Skullclamp *new*

Single cards explanations:


Back to Basics and Blood Moon

We are aware Back to Basics and Blood Moon often create frustrating play experiences. There is a long history of debate about those cards and on whether they should be legal or not. Currently, we are of the opinion that – despite the negative side effects which come along with them – both Back to Basics and Blood Moon should stay in the format because they serve as stern punishers for the more "greedy" multicolored strategies. This primarily means combo decks, which currently are some of the better performing decks overall.

Bring to Light and Scapeshift

In an effort to weaken the Scapeshift archetype – to take the wind out of its sails, so to speak – we first thought that banning a tutor from which only the Scapeshift deck profited would be a good idea. In the end though and after some more deliberation, we believe Bring to Light to be interchangeable in the deck and that a ban wouldn't reduce the overall power-level of the deck by enough. This, together with the fact that banning an otherwise totally fine card would be a strange thing to do, leads us to removing Bring to Light from the ban watchlist.

Instead we opted for a watchlisting of Scapeshift itself. This move seems harsh at first glance but ultimately enables us to make the appropriate decision, should the need to act arise. This is because not only do we now have the option of banning Scapeshift directly but also have the important role-players on watch as well. These would be Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time, Demonic Tutor and Mana Drain. A banning of one of those would hit Scapeshift in a meaningful way (rather than not very much at all like with the banning of Bring To Light).

Basically we have now set us up for three possible scenarios:
First, ban Scapeshift directly if the deck overly dominates other options.
Second, ban one ore more important roleplayers or tutors in order to weaken the core of the deck.
Third, ban nothing at all if the deck continues to be strong but without dominating other options.


Birthing Pod

It can be argued, the current metagame creates incentives for players to play blue-based decks, maybe blue-black at the core with tutors and a combo built in. Also, there are incentives to play the very successful red deck. Unbanning Birthing Pod would create incentives on the other side of the metagame spectrum. Neither blue based control or combo-control decks, nor mono red profit from Birthing Pod. An unban would strengthen green-based midrange decks for which there currently exists rather little payoff.

We acknowledge the fact of Birthing Pod having utterly dominated the metagame during its heyday. But we do believe the current configuration of dominating decks could handle the threat of Birthing Pod better and its unban could lead to a more vibrant back and forth in the ever-changing arena which is the Highlander metagame. Also as a sidenote, there have been cards added to the highlander cardpool, which are very maindeckable and function as solutions for Birthing Pod (among others Kolaghan's Command and Abrade come to mind, as does the newly printed Knight of Autumn), thus increasing the overall outs to the strong artifact.

Umezawa's Jitte

Similarly to the argument for Birthing Pod, we want to watchlist Umezawa's Jitte because an unban would create incentives for players to place their bets on more creature-heavy decks. Umezawa's Jitte would also provide a counterbalance to mono red aggro.


Skullclamp again slightly shifts the gravitational center of the metagame in the direction of creature decks. Skullclamp would be a great boon for the mono red deck, which – in a theoretical world of Birthing Pod and Umezawa's Jitte being legal – would otherwise get the short end of the deal.
Skullclamp would also strengthen midrange strategies with a sacrifice theme. Pattern-Rector variants come to mind as do decks revolving around cards like Bloodghast, Entomb, Unearth, Stoneforge Mystic, Phyrexian Tower, Lingering Souls, Recurring Nightmare and so on. There certainly seems to be a viable deck which currently lacks just a little bit of synergistic power – power which Skullclamp could provide.
2  MagicPlayer Highlander / Official Announcements / Watchlist changes July 1st, 2018 on: 06-07-2018, 12:57:41 PM

Cards on the following list will be closely observed and are potential candidates for a banning on October 15th, 2018.


    Back to Basics
    Blood Moon
    Bring to Light
    Demonic Tutor
    Dig Through Time
    Imperial Seal
    Mana Drain
    Oath of Druids
    Tainted Pact
    Tolarian Academy
    Treasure Cruise
    True-Name Nemesis

Cards from the following list are still banned but will be under testing for a potential unbanning on October 15th, 2018.


    Gifts Ungiven
    Mystical Tutor
3  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: TNM: Highlander im Comic Attack Erfurt on: 09-04-2018, 11:07:44 PM

06.04.2018 - HL Tunier Erfurt - 13 players - 4 rounds

Place      Name        Deck                 Points
1Tino S.Hasty Jund12
2Max H.Grixis Tempo9
3Ferdinand L.RDW9
4Jan M.4c (W/o W) Scapeshift7
5Jan D.Abzan Midrange7
6Tobias T.??6
7Christoph E.Sultai Midrange6
8Christoph M.Abzan Midrange6
9Tobias S.5c Goodstuff6
10Justus H.4c (w/o G) Midrange4
11Michael W.Izzet Control3
12Sebastian M.Sultai Midrange2
13Richard J.4c (w/o G) Control1
4  MagicPlayer Highlander / Off-Topic / Re: Cockatrice on: 09-04-2018, 05:35:37 PM
I had the same Solution, you can also Update your current version (over Help), but this option always crashed my Cockatrice. The new version also has some nice features.
5  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: TNM: Highlander im Comic Attack Erfurt on: 25-03-2018, 11:32:38 AM
23.03.2018 - HL Tunier Erfurt - 14 players - 4 rounds

Place      Name        Deck                 Points
1Jan M.4c (w/o W) Scapeshift12
2Justus H.4c (w/o G) Midrange9
3Tino S.Hasty Jund9
4Sebastian R.Sultai Midrange9
5Christoph E.Esper Midrange6
6Michael W.??6
7Vincent H.Abzan Midrange6
8Tobias T.??6
9Richard J.Jeskai Control6
10Sebastian MoorSultai Midrange6
11Marcel F.RDW3
12Kai D.4c Pattern3
13Josie J.??3
14Jan D.Esper MidrangeDROP
6  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League & Ladder Tournament / Re: [HLL] Scoreboard / Schedule- Season XXXII on: 18-03-2018, 09:53:48 PM
   Iulus      (Gr Ramp)   0-2         Payron   (Sultai Midrange)

report follows as always with a video
7  MagicPlayer Highlander / Ladder Tournaments / Re: Ladder Tournament 2017 - Reports on: 28-02-2018, 11:23:07 PM
Tazi (4c Scapeshift) vs Payron (4c Scapeshift)

2 : 3


8  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Report Volcano Caup [28 players] on: 25-02-2018, 09:51:36 PM
Hey guys,

I finaly found some time to give you some insight to the volcano cup.

Standings after swiss:

Place      Name        Deck                 Points
1Stefan S.Sultai Oath Combo13
2Philip E.Dimir Control11
3Markus G.Pattern Rector11
4Kai T.Izzet Control11
5Jan D.Abzan Midrang10
6Gerry S.Dimir Combo Control10
7Manuel H.Gruul Midrange10
8Alexander B.Patter Rector9
9Fabian M.5c Reanimator9
10Xiaoliang Y.Jeskai Control9
11Jan M.4c (w/o W) Scapeshift9
12Fabian B.Naya Aggr9
13Robert F.Abzan Midrange9
14Alexander R.Esper Planswalker7
15Florian K.Azorius Skies7
16Daniel S.RDW6
17Bernhard F.Grixis Control6
18Hüseyin B.Abzan Midrange6
19Max H.Grixis Midrange6
20Manuel M.Gruul Midrange6
21Thomas S.4c (w/o R) Reanimator6
22Paul W.4c Blood6
23Georg B.4c Blood6
24Axel H.Abzan Midrange4
25Christian G.Izzet Control3
26Thomas H.Izzet Control3
27Justus H.4c (w/o G) Midrange3
28Sebastian R.5c Hermit0

Metagame breakdown:

Abzan Midrange4
Izzet Control3
Dimir Control2
4c Blood2
Gruul Midrange2
Pattern Rector2
4c (w/o G) Midrange1
Hermit combo1
Azorius Skies1
Esper Control1
Grixis Control1
Grixis Midrange1
Jeskai Control1
Naya Aggro1


Combo Control3
Midrange Combo2
Aggro Control1

Top 8 Brackets:

Quarter Finals:

Stefan s. - Sultai Oath Combo
Alexander B. - Pattern Rector

Kai T. - Izzet Control
Jan D. - Abzan Midrange

Markus G. - Pattern Rector
Gerry S. - Dimir Combo Control

Philip E. - Dimir Control
Manuel H. - Gruul Midrange

Semi Finals:

Stefan s. - Sultai Oath Combo
Kai T. - Izzet Control

Gerry S. - Dimir Combo Control

Philip E. - Dimir Control


Stefan s. - Sultai Oath Combo
Philip E. - Dimir Control

Top 8 lists:

9  MagicPlayer Highlander / Reports / Re: TNM: Highlander im Comic Attack Erfurt on: 25-02-2018, 02:04:33 PM
23.02.2018 - HL Tunier Erfurt - 15 players - 4 rounds

Place      Name        Deck                 Points
1Tobias S.Naya Aggro12
2Justus H.4c (w/o G) Midrange9
3Christoph E.RDW9
4Sebastian R.Sultai Midrange7
5Max H.Grixis Midrange7
6Fabian M.Jeskai Control7
7Michael M.4c Blood7
8Jan M.4c (w/o W) Scapeshift6
9Tobias T.4c (w/o W) Midrange6
10Michael W.Reanimator6
11Paul W.4c (w/o W) Midrange6
12Joise J.RDW4
13Mathias S.Abzan Midrange3
14Michael R.Lands3
15Ben C.High Tide3
10  MagicPlayer Highlander / Banned List & Rules / 01. April 2018 Ban list community discussion on: 25-02-2018, 01:05:34 PM
Hi guys,

We would like to have a discussion started about the upcoming Banlist changes. As you know the council discussed and votes for bannings, unbannings and watch list changes. So here is your chance to help us evaluate the meta game and discuss if there needs to be something changed or if maybe a banned card is just to weak for the metagame and is therefore a safe unban.

Just to have an overview here are the cards which could enter or leave the format at 1. April:

Ban watchlist:

Back to Basics
Blood Moon
Demonic Tutor
Dig Through Time
Imperial Seal
Mana Drain
Oath of Druids
Tainted Pact
Tolarian Academy
Treasure Cruise
Yawgmoth's Will

unban Watchlist

Gifts Ungiven
Mystical Tutor

The whole banlist can be looked at here

I would love to get some feedback here Smiley
11  MagicPlayer Highlander / Deck Lists / Re: We need to post decklists! on: 25-02-2018, 12:42:08 PM

I try to manage the uploads on MKM right now. The plan is to post every bigger event, which was announced. For the weekly tournaments in each town, well there was never the kind of attitude to post decklists. A player from Berlin is always starting some FB post, which motivate people to post there decklists. In my experience it is a lot of work for a single person to manage all decklist and even to post the final standings is only happening from the berlin comunity, which is a start.

If you are able to motivate more people to post decklist, that would be great, but I don't see that right now.
12  MagicPlayer Highlander / [HLL] Online Highlander League (Archive) / Re: [HLL] Registration Season XXXII on: 16-02-2018, 05:48:04 PM
13  MagicPlayer Highlander / Ladder Tournaments / Re: Ladder Tournament 2017 - Reports on: 08-02-2018, 02:33:53 PM
Here are alle 5 games vs Silberhase
14  MagicPlayer Highlander / Deck Lists / Re: Ladder 2017 decks on: 06-02-2018, 09:26:49 AM
Thank you for the overview
15  MagicPlayer Highlander / Ladder Tournaments / Re: Ladder Tournament 2017 - Reports on: 04-02-2018, 11:52:33 PM
Silberhase (Artifact Combo) vs Payron (4c Scapeshift)


report follows
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