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Title: Highlander Masters Westfalen Vol.1, Bielefeld (21 Players)
Post by: sibert-msmtg on 07-08-2018, 05:21:49 PM
Highlander Masters Westfalen
Tournament Report

We are very happy to report a successful Highlander tournament in Bielefeld, Germany. As you all know, the format has suffered a downswing recently, with WotC boosting other singleton formats during the last years. To our knowledge, Berlin and Mannheim are the only remaining places in Germany to regularly host larger Highlander events (big up for that!). On this north-western side of Germany, we have a solid core of highlander players that have never abandoned the format, but this core is too scattered to establish a tournament series based in a single city, or to regularly attend tournaments some 400km remote for time and money reasons. As a result of that, a collaboration arose between the Bielefeld local store and the Highlander community from Münster, seeking to establish a tournament for the Highlander players in these parts of Germany, hoping to be able to make it a recurrent event and to re-ignite the Highlander spark in this corner of Germany and Europe.

The first event was very much able to live up to our expectations. 21 players gathered in Bielefeld to compete for victory over 5 rounds (best-of-three) of amazing Highlander magic. Among these people were at least six who had reached top8 finishes back in the times where Highlander GPs were a thing, with a total of more than 10 top8 finishes among them.

The tournament was won, undefeated, by Leif Stohlmann, piloting a white weenie Hatebears deck that was able to pressure and disrupt the opponents at the same time. Second came out Patrick Richter, playing Academy Combo, only losing the last round to Hatebears. Third was Sören Tenambergen with Jeskai Control, also with a 4-1 record. This field was followed by three players finishing 3-1-1, Björn Ortmann (UB Reanimator), Sebastian Potthoff (Naya Aggro) and André Brandhorst (UR). Two players with 3-2 records made it to the top8: Marius Schaefer (5C Reanimator) and Daniel Barenhoff (Esper Artifacts Control). Two more decks with 3-2 records were Oath and Esper Midrange. As the top finishes suggest, the meta in total was extremely diverse. While there were some decks overlapping in color or archetype, no deck was played more than twice (see breakdown below).

We are very satisfied with the great instant acceptance of this tournament. A follow-up will take place on September 16th (to be confirmed) - that being two weeks before the next MGM tournament in Berlin which we hope to provide testing ground for, and where hopefully some of our local players and highlander veterans will be able to attend.

Top 8 summary:
1 Stohlmann - Hatebears - 15
2 Richter - Academy Combo - 12
3 Tenambergen - Jeskai - 12
4 Ortmann - UB Reanimator - 10
5 Potthoff - Naya Aggro - 10
6 Brandhorst - UR - 10
7 Schaefer - 5C Reanimator - 9
8 Barenhoff - Esper Artifacts Control - 9

Total metagame:
1x: Hatebears, Academy Combo, Naya, Oath, Goblins, Abzan Combo, Kiki Combo, Scapeshift, Esper Midrange
2x: Jeskai, Reanimator*, 4C blood, RDW, UR**, Esper Artifacts

* Reanimators were UB and 5C.
** UR were one rahter "Big UR" deck and one tempo/counterhammer approach.

Next event:
(to be confirmed) Sept. 16th 2018, Spielraum Bielefeld

Title: Re: Highlander Masters Westfalen Vol.1, Bielefeld (21 Players)
Post by: DarkLight on 08-08-2018, 01:08:53 AM
Very nice report. Are decklists of the Top8 available?

Title: Re: Highlander Masters Westfalen Vol.1, Bielefeld (21 Players)
Post by: Goblin-Diplomaten on 08-08-2018, 01:10:06 AM
Decklists can be found here

https://mtgdecks.net/Highlander/white-weenie-decklist-by-leif-s-756442 (https://mtgdecks.net/Highlander/white-weenie-decklist-by-leif-s-756442)

Title: Re: Highlander Masters Westfalen Vol.1, Bielefeld (21 Players)
Post by: r4nd0m1 on 08-08-2018, 01:01:58 PM
Very nice, thanks a bunch!